Hello Friends. We have just started solving the levels of Tricky Brain Challenge created and developed by Brain-teasers. This game has 130 levels and with the upcoming updates, there will also be new challenges that you can solve. It’s time to challenge your brain by playing the most challenging, fun and interesting IQ game at the moment. Tricky Brain Challenge is a new game that explores every dimension of your brain such as creativity, imagination, practicality, logic, vocabulary and so on. The game is quite simple and the rules are pretty obvious. All you need to do is solve the brain teasers and riddles by finding the correct answer to every situation in each level. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that nothing is the way it looks, that is the tricky part that you need to use your brain to figure out. In each level you will be able to solve tricky and unpredictable situations and answers. The whole process is very funny, challenging and a good way to kill free time and play with your friends. Tricky Brain Challenge offers many interesting features and helping tools such as replay, hint or skip the level.  Do not hesitate to start this tricky challenging adventure.


Tricky Brain Challenge Answers

Question: Level 1 – Can you find out the different one?

Answer: Move all of them and a different one will appear.

Question: Level 2 – Find out the largest hamster?

Answer: Add them with each other to create the largest hamster.

Question: Level 3 – What’s the number under the parked car?

Answer: The number is 18.

Question: Level 4 – Please write down the correct answer?

Answer: The correct answer is 9.

Question: Level 5 – Find the darkest color on the screen?

Answer: Click on the word darkest in the instruction.

Question: Level 6 – No smoking?

Answer: Tap multiple times at the head of the cigarette.

Question: Level 7 – Putting 3 coins into piggy bank, how many coins are there now?

Answer: Add the 3 coins inside the piggy bank and then brake it by tapping it multiple times. The answer is 9.

Question: Level 8 – What is the minimum cuts needed to cut a circle into 8 equal parts?

Answer: The correct answer is 1.

Question: Level 9 – Tap a frog above the texts?

Answer: Move the question below the frog and then tap on the frog.

Question: Level 10 – How many bees?

Answer: Zoom in the flower with your two fingers and then count them. The answer is 14.

Question: Level 11 – Put everything into the chest?

Answer: Put them all inside the chest including the question of the level.