Hello Folks. A new brain-teasing game has just been released and it is created by Kindersong LLC. This game has different questions compared to the previous games which had similar questions. We have solved all levels and will update them in our website so stay tuned.

Hot Brain Tricky Puzzles Answers

Question: Level 1 – What is the most expensive?

Answer: The book is the most expensive.

Question: Level 2 – Help the granny to get on the train

Answer: Place the granny inside the train.

Question: Level 3 – Make your girl glad

Answer: Remove the flowers from the first lady and give them to the second lady.

Question: Level 4 – Wake up the dog

Answer: Remove the moon from the screen.

Question: Level 5 – Find the biggest drop

Answer: Combine them all together.

Question: Level 6 – Who is the tallest?

Answer: The star is the tallest.

Question: Level 7 – Find the different ball

Answer: Move all the tennis ball till a basketball appears, then tap on it.

Question: Level 8 – How many stars are in the pic?

Answer: 5 Stars.

Question: Level 9 – Find the smallest A letter

Answer: The letter A in the question is the smallest. Tap on it.

Question: Level 10 – Find the orange

Answer: Remove the clouds so the sun appears and the orange is created on the tree.