Brain Out is a very popular brain game developed by Eyewind Limited for all major platforms such as iOS and Android devices. There is a new update released 1 week before which includes a new challenge called Beat Virus. This challenge has 10 levels to solve and we have shared the answers for all of them below with a table.

Brain Out Beat Virus Challenge Answers All Levels

Beat Virus Level 1 How to remove the mask correctly Brain Out Tap on the left year firstly and then tap on the right year. In this way you will be able to remove safely the mask without the virus entering your mouth.
Beat Virus Level 2 Which mask can prevent the virus Brain Out Move all the masks. You will find a mask that is marked with XXX which is the right mask to prevent the virus.
Beat Virus Level 3 Check if its worn correctly Brain Out Rotate the mask with one finger because its on the wrong side.
Beat Virus Level 4 How to avoid virus attacks Brain Out You should go back home where its safe for you. Outside there are a lot of viruses and bacteria!
Beat Virus Level 5 Beat the virus Brain Out Eat the virus from small to large with the white blood cells!
Beat Virus Level 6 How to remove the virus in your hand Brain Out Remove the fire from the screen and then use the sanitizer on the hand!
Beat Virus Level 7 Put on a mask for people outside Brain Out Move the screen to the right. There is a house. Put 2 of the people inside because you only have 1 mask.
Beat Virus Level 8 What’s the first thing to do after taking the elevator home Brain Out Move the girl to the sink and then click on the hand soap.
Beat Virus Level 9 How to deal with the mask after use Brain Out Move the screen to the right and throw the discarded masks into the hazardous trash can.
Beat Virus Level 10 How to better prevent the virus at home Brain Out Drink water and then ventilate the room by opening the window.