Brain Out is a very popular brain game developed by Eyewind Limited for all major platforms such as iOS and Android devices. The reason why you have landed on this site is because you are looking for the Brain Out Answers. Look no further because we have just updated this page with all Brain Out Answers, Cheats and Solutions for all 200+ levels of the game.

Brain Out Answers

Brain Out Level 1 Find the biggest one the watermelon is the biggest fruit
Brain Out Level 2 How many duck The correct answer is 9.
Brain Out Level 3 Who is the tallest one The sun is the correct answer.
Brain Out Level 4 Can you find out the different one It is hidden behind the normal ones.
Brain Out Level 5 Create a rectangle Place the orange shape half out of the screen so it creates a rectangle.
Brain Out Level 6 How many triangles are in a pentagram The answer is 11.
Brain Out Level 7 Find the largest fire Combine all fires together to create the biggest one.
Brain Out Level 8 What’s the number under the parked car The answers is 9.
Brain Out Level 9 What mark would you give for this game Full Marks
Brain Out Level 10 Wake up the ow Remove the sun from the screen.
Brain Out Level 11 Please write down the correct answer The answer is 9.
Brain Out Level 12 Tap fruits from left to right then tap the hexagon circle and rectangle Identify the fruits tap on them from left to right and then tap the hexagon circle and rectangle.
Brain Out Level 13 You have to win the game Tap with two fingers at the same time to draw two circles.
Brain Out Level 14 Find the chick Shake the chickens and a small one will come out.
Brain Out Level 15 Find the darkest color on the screen Tap on the black word in the instruction
Brain Out Level 16 Count the number of hairs The total number is 3.
Brain Out Level 17 Help baby duckling drink water Drag the baby duck near the water.
Brain Out Level 18 Can you solve this question Place the horizontal line from number 1 to number 2
Brain Out Level 19 Find something you can eat The steak can be eaten.
Brain Out Level 20 Animals are having a sport meeting. Help bunny to win If you tap on go you’ll notice that the bunny is the slowest. Tap on the monkey and the horse at the same time to stop them. Then click on go to make the bunny win.
Brain Out Level 21 Help! Where’s my ring? Give the dog food to the dog so it poops the ring. Once the ring is out tap on it. Yuck!
Brain Out Level 22 What letters of alphabet people like to listen to the most The right answer is cd.
Brain Out Level 23 No Smoking IMAGE
Brain Out Level 24 Putting 3 coins into piggy bank how many coins are there now? Put the 3 coins into piggy bank then break it. Next count the coins. There are 15 of them.
Brain Out Level 25 So hungry! Make something to eat! Take the cloud and the smiley face and create an egg.
Brain Out Level 26 What is the minimum cuts needed to cut a circle into 8 equal parts? If you fold it 4 times and use the scissors to cut it the answer is just 1.
Brain Out Level 27 How many ants? There are 7 ants you can clearly see but if you zoom into the rock there are 10 more ants. The answer is 17.
Brain Out Level 28 Find out the rule and write down the answer! Those symbols are binary.
Brain Out Level 29 Tap a butterfly above the texts Place the instruction below the butterfly and then tap on the butterfly as it says.
Brain Out Level 30 Please turn on the fan Tap on both red wires to turn on the fan.
Brain Out Level 31 Find 8 animals IMAGE
Brain Out Level 32 Help baby fall asleep Shake your device slowly as a swing until the baby goes to sleep.
Brain Out Level 33 A cliche question. Who would you save your mom or your girlfriend Tap on both of them at the same time. You don’t have to choose one.
Brain Out Level 34 Drive the car to the road sign Move the clouds so that the sun comes out and melts the ice. Then you can pass.
Brain Out Level 35 How to eat carrots? The bunny doesn’t have to jump. Give him the carrot instead.
Brain Out Level 36 Help them cross the river Use two fingers to resize the boat making it bigger.
Brain Out Level 37 What 3 numbers add up to 12 Tap on 3 two times and then on 6 one time. The sum is 12.
Brain Out Level 38 Put everything into the box Put all objects inside the box including the instruction/question.
Brain Out Level 39 Whack-A-Mole You don’t have to hit the rat with the hammer. He is super fast. Instead bring the rat to the hammer.
Brain Out Level 40 Rescue giraffe There’s a key inside the bucket. Take it by turning the device upside down and unlock the giraffe.
Brain Out Level 41 Can you solve this question? It’s simple maths. The answer is 39.
Brain Out Level 42 Find out the object IMAGE
Brain Out Level 43 Oh god! ZOZO Overslept! Wake her up! Tap on the doorknob and the door will open. A beautiful girl will show up and that will wake Zozo up for sure.
Brain Out Level 44 If 1 = 5 2 = 15 3 = 215 4 = 3215 then 5 = ? If 1 = 5 that means 5 should be equal to 1.
Brain Out Level 45 Which cup will get filled first? Remove cup number 1 from the system and then tap on cup number 4.
Brain Out Level 46 Move 1 matchstick to make a biggest number Create number 909. That’s the biggest one you can make.
Brain Out Level 47 Find something you can not eat Remove the chicken and its eggs and tap on the nest.
Brain Out Level 48 Help Tom to get her notice At this point it’s clear that little Tom is a big fan of ladies. Unfortunately the only way to make her notice Tom is by giving Tom her bag.
Brain Out Level 49 Find the aliens Walkthrough IMAGE
Brain Out Level 50 Correct the direction Rotate your device in such a way that the arrows point in the right directions.
Brain Out Level 51 How many French Fries below There are more French Fries behind the shown ones. In total there are 10.
Brain Out Level 52 Find the Panda IMAGE
Brain Out Level 53 Damn! I can’t stand this mess! Rub the doodle so it gets removed.
Brain Out Level 54 Click the orange rectangle 3 times then the green rectangle 5 times At some point both rectangles will turn orange. Just wait until one of them turns green again and keep clicking on the green.
Brain Out Level 55 How to make your ream come true? Rub the lamp and the jin will show up. Don’t tap on any of the desires. Just tap on the book. Knowledge is POWER!
Brain Out Level 56 Which shape has the most sides? IMAGE
Brain Out Level 57 Fill in the ? According to the pattern the correct answer is 91.
Brain Out Level 58 Please find the photo In this level you should tap and hold the box then rotate your device. The photo will fall down.
Brain Out Level 59 Wake up the little piggy Tap on the little pig’s nose and hold. He will eventually wake up.
Brain Out Level 60 Help them get on a blind date successfully Tap on the dog until it turns around. Funny solution but solid.
Brain Out Level 61 Find the number 8 IMAGE
Brain Out Level 62 What color is the most The answer is white.
Brain Out Level 63 Find out the hexagon IMAGE
Brain Out Level 64 What comes after AEBFC After AEBFC comes G.
Brain Out Level 65 Correct the equation Turn the E into an F by erasing the lower part of the E.
Brain Out Level 66 What number will hour hand point to after 3 hours? It’s actually a picture not a clock. So the hour hand will still be 9.
Brain Out Level 67 How many chicks are there There are two chicks hidden behind the shown chicks and 5 more chicks are behind the clear button.
Brain Out Level 68 ZOZO feels cold can you find a way to warm her up Rub Zozo so she feels warm.
Brain Out Level 69 Find out the hidden stars If you shake the phone the animals will feel dizzy and stars will show up on their heads.
Brain Out Level 70 Make the equation true IMAGE
Brain Out Level 71 Find the mother Hen Tap on the empty space and move the screen to the left.
Brain Out Level 72 Add up 3 largest numbers in the following 7+8+9 = 24 (The keypad numbers are the largest).
Brain Out Level 73 Eat carrots again Place the instruction as a bridge. Then walk straight to the carrot.
Brain Out Level 74 Please enter a 5-digit number password The mirror will reflect the number 70773.
Brain Out Level 75 The little elephant is so lonely Make a copy of the elephant so it doesn’t feel lonely anymore.
Brain Out Level 76 Light up the 4th bulb Press start and the light bulbs will turn on one by one. Press pause at the right time.
Brain Out Level 77 Please write down a 2-digit number according to the picture Find the perimeter. It’s 58.
Brain Out Level 78 Which claw is similar to cat’s outstretched claw Tap on the cat’s other claw.
Brain Out Level 79 A simple question! Make the following equation hold Rotate the 3 so it forms an 8. 3 + 5 = 8.
Brain Out Level 80 Go to the exit You cannot escape the labyrinth if you enter it. So go to the exit from outside of the labyrinth.
Brain Out Level 81 Help Zoe to drink the juice sediment at the bottom Drag the bottom part of the glass to Zoe’s mouth.
Brain Out Level 82 Put the shapes into the right frame IMAGE
Brain Out Level 83 Spot the differences IMAGE
Brain Out Level 84 How many holes does this pants have The pants have 9 holes.
Brain Out Level 85 What is the maximum number of pieces that a watermelon can be cut into with 10 cuts? 1024 pieces is the correct answer.
Brain Out Level 86 Catch the rat! The rat is inside the pipe. To make it come out of there burn the piece of wood and put it near the pipe.
Brain Out Level 87 How to pass this level Move the cursor to the button NEXT and right-click with the mouse.
Brain Out Level 88 Form a smallest possible number Move the “_” sign up to make it a minus and then add 9 9 9. So the smallest possible number will be -999.
Brain Out Level 89 Find out the largest rectangle The largest rectangle is the white one in the background so tap on that.
Brain Out Level 90 Mom is back! Help me hide gamepad! Just for a little bit cover the gamepad with your finger.
Brain Out Level 91 Turn this pyramid upside down in 3 moves IMAGE
Brain Out Level 92 Tap in the following order: 33 1 6 8 2 20 17 60 33 Before starting to tap memorize the order or write it on a paper. The right order is 1 – 6 – 8 – 2 – 20 – 17 – 60.
Brain Out Level 93 Help little girl eat the cake Move the little girl to the stair on the right and then remove that stair so she falls down to the cake.
Brain Out Level 94 When Zoe was 6 years old Lulu was twice her age. Zoe is 10 years old now how old is Lulu? When Zoe was 6 years old Lulu was twice her age that means Lulu was 12. So Lulu is 6 years older than Zoe. Now Zoe is 10 and Lulu must be 16.
Brain Out Level 95 You have to win this game again! It’s your turn now! Make three circle columns by moving the circle to the 3d column.
Brain Out Level 96 How to eat the noodles? Making noodles is easy. First you put them inside a bowl and then you add hot water in it. They’ll be done in no time.
Brain Out Level 97 Move 2 matchsticks to create an upright chair IMAGE
Brain Out Level 98 If CDE=EFH then EFH = ? EFH = hfi
Brain Out Level 99 Find the Panda IMAGE
Brain Out Level 100 Help the bat fall asleep Tilt your phone upside down so the bat is upside down. Bats only fall asleep that way.
Brain Out Level 101 Enter the biggest possible number Take the two zeroes and create an infinity symbol.
Brain Out Level 102 Try to make the biggest possible number by moving only 2 matchsticks Form the number 31181
Brain Out Level 103 Time to go to bed please help me turn off the light! Put your phone face down and the light will turn off.
Brain Out Level 104 Kill the nasty fly! Put one finger somewhere on the screen and the fly will come. Then use the next finger to tap and kill it.
Brain Out Level 105 Which is the cheapest? The joystick is the cheapest one of them all.
Brain Out Level 106 Again! What if your girlfriend and your mom fell down into the river at the same time? Wake the guy up by shaking the phone. There’s no need to take this decision.
Brain Out Level 107 Add 1 line to make this equation true IMAGE
Brain Out Level 108 Tap the fruits from left to right then tap the hexagon square and diamond Tap the fruits as it says then tap hexagon and square two times (square is also a diamond).
Brain Out Level 109 Jack want to drink the Minute Maid Shake your device (not the juice) for 30 seconds before giving it to Jack.
Brain Out Level 110 Which dream do you want to come true? Tap on the three options at the same time.
Brain Out Level 111 Click on the menu Look at the tick in the picture below. There’s the menu.
Brain Out Level 112 Open the box You can’t open the box with just one finger so tap the bottom of it and hold and use the other finger to open the box.
Brain Out Level 113 What’s the answer? The answer is 43215
Brain Out Level 114 How many differences can you spot between two pictures? The two pictures have 8 differences in total.
Brain Out Level 115 Tab the blue button ten times then tab the red button once Don’t look at the number as it will confuse you. Count by yourself.
Brain Out Level 116 Keep the balance balanced! To keep the balance perfectly balanced you should remove everything that’s on it.
Brain Out Level 117 Count the number of hairs again The boy is not wearing a wig anymore. The total number of hairs is 38.
Brain Out Level 118 What’s the answer? Mathematically the answer is 14.
Brain Out Level 119 Today is Tyke’s two-year-old birthday just light up candles for him Because there’s only one matchstick after lighting the middle candle tilt your device so the other one also lights up.
Brain Out Level 120 Find the mother hen again Zoom out and you’ll see mother hen.
Brain Out Level 121 Cross the bridge Tap on the car to get out and cross the bridge on feet.
Brain Out Level 122 What’s your body temperature now? Put finger on the thermometer to take your temperature. It will show 96.8 F.
Brain Out Level 123 Mix red and blue together Put your finger on the opening of the chemical glass and shake it.
Brain Out Level 124 Put the giraffe into the fridge! Zoom in the fridge and drag the giraffe. Just like in the picture below:
Brain Out Level 125 Turn off the light again We remove the light bulbs from left to right so swipe from left to right to remove the light bulb.
Brain Out Level 126 In writhing all of the integers from 1 to 199 how many times is “1” used? 1 is used 140 times.
Brain Out Level 127 The little bunny is hungry again! Do you see the four heart in the top-left corner of the screen. Take one of them and give it to the bunny so that the bunny grows. The giant bunny will be able to easily jump to the other side.
Brain Out Level 128 There are 26 letters in the alphabet. If ET left how many letters are left? 21 letters are left.
Brain Out Level 129 Light up all the bulb One light bulb does not turn on so take it out of the screen.
Brain Out Level 130 One candle is 50cm high and can burn for 3 hours. Another one is 70cm high and can burn for 6 hours. How long does it take for this two candles to reach the same height? Type 6 as the answer.
Brain Out Level 131 Can you solve this? The answer is 410 logically.
Brain Out Level 132 Help the baby get a haircut Slowly tilt the phone so baby goes to sleep. Once it’s sleeping it’s time to use the trimmer.
Brain Out Level 133 You’re so smart! Let’s cheers! Shake the bottle and continuously tap on the cork.
Brain Out Level 134 Solve the problem It’s an equation whose solution is 20.
Brain Out Level 135 Turn on the least switch to get water! IMAGE
Brain Out Level 136 Find the wolf in the sheep A normal sheep would not be attracted to meat so if one of the sheep acts strange when you bring meat close to them it must be the wolf.
Brain Out Level 137 Nap time is over! Wake baby up to feed some milk! Rotate the clock hands so time passes. The baby will wake up and once he does give it the milk.
Brain Out Level 138 Make the paper windmill spin fast Shake phone tap on windmill shake phone tap on windmill shake phone…
Brain Out Level 139 Find a heart If you can’t find one create one by dragging the two red pieces together.
Brain Out Level 140 Hey! What time is it now? Insert the current time you see in your device.
Brain Out Level 141 Do not lift up the stone! It’s disgusting under it! Use your three fingers to lift up the stone.
Brain Out Level 142 How many triangles are there? There are 7 triangles.
Brain Out Level 143 Help the kitten fishing The hook needs to be risen. To do that shake your phone. Next use the worm to catch a fish.
Brain Out Level 144 ZOZO wants to go skating with friends! Help him find another skate. You need to combine the items and create your own skate.
Brain Out Level 145 Today is ZOZO’s 16th Birthday help him find the gift! The day on the calendar is yesterday. Here’s how to calculate the code. Zozo is 16. So subtract 16 from the year you’re playing the game. Then add the month and the date you’re playing the game.
Brain Out Level 146 Help Mark escape from the secret room You should have experience with bulbs now. Swipe on the bulb from left to right. Tap on Escape button when the police is gone.
Brain Out Level 147 Pigsy was captured by the monster save him! Shake the monster and give yellow item to the monkey. Then take one of the chair’s leg and use it to hit the monster on the head.
Brain Out Level 148 Find out all the items IMAGE
Brain Out Level 149 Picking fruit You need to create a ladder. Do it by using the logs and the two ropes.
Brain Out Level 150 Make this equation true Turn the number 9 upside down to make it 6 then add 6+11+13=30.
Brain Out Level 151 Find the pingpong You will find the ball 2 times and it will show 10. To reduce speed erase the number 0 and find the ball again.
Brain Out Level 152 Which one would you give up? Tie both ropes so he doesn’t have to hold them.
Brain Out Level 153 The Old lady has 7 sons and each son have a sister so how many children does the old lady have? There are 7 sons 1 daughter. The total is 8.
Brain Out Level 154 How to catch the thief? Get the shovel next to the tree and use it to dig a hole. Then cover the hole with the straw.
Brain Out Level 155 Save the egg Use one finger to hold the wheel and another one to save the egg.
Brain Out Level 156 Help dog to win Exchange the dog’s and the rabbit’s places.
Brain Out Level 157 Make an ice cream Use two fingers to explore around and find the power plug. Plug it put the cone and add ice with milk.
Brain Out Level 158 How many candles do I have left if 2 blew out 8 candles will turn into wax. 2 candles will remain.
Brain Out Level 159 Protect the rocket and hold on 15 seconds Drag the word protect and place it on the rocket.
Brain Out Level 160 Find the fly Take the glasses from the dog’s eyes and place them on the boy.
Brain Out Level 161 Which one will you pick it Press one and slide through all.
Brain Out Level 162 Catch all birds Slide the phone from the boy’s pocket so he can take a picture of all birds.
Brain Out Level 163 Charger it Charge your device.
Brain Out Level 164 Which two numbers can makeup into 8? Two zeroes can create an 8.
Brain Out Level 165 How can avoid the doggy eating the sausage? By giving the sausage to the other dog.
Brain Out Level 166 Knock out all the bowling pins Zoom out the bowling ball and then throw it.
Brain Out Level 167 Find out the ping pong ball Tap on the dot between lv and 167.
Brain Out Level 168 How many triangles below 14 triangles including the yellow buttons.
Brain Out Level 169 No Smoking Take the cigarette pack from his pocket and then tap on his cigarette a few times to remove it.
Brain Out Level 170 Monkey can pick 2 pineapples per 1 minute how many can he pick with 10 minutes on the tree? The right answer is 0.
Brain Out Level 171 Bath the cat Add the shower gel to the water. Then force the boy to put the cat inside. Lastly find the fish behind the chair and give it to the cat.
Brain Out Level 172 Find the exit Just tap on the word EXIT.
Brain Out Level 173 Squeeze the milk Give the red bucket to the bull 3 times and it will kick it. Then a cow will show up. Give the red bucket to the cow.
Brain Out Level 174 Fill the bucket Place the bucket inside the aquarium and then place the aquarium under the tap to fill it with water.
Brain Out Level 175 Fill in the same number Solution: 444+44+4+4+4=500.
Brain Out Level 176 At least how many cut to cut a cake into 8 equal pieces? The correct answer is 3 cuts.
Brain Out Level 177 Clear the monster Make the blue creature big by zooming. It will eat everyone.
Brain Out Level 178 Disappear the card Slide your finger through all cards. Repeat 5 times. Lastly tap on the card.
Brain Out Level 179 Five in a Row. It’s your turn You need to place all the four remaining circles in a single turn by clicking in the same row in fast.
Brain Out Level 180 Help the chick out Place the chick in the middle space of the right side where it can get out.
Brain Out Level 181 Catch the doll 1. Open and Increase the Grip by clicking on the red button. 2. Add the coin. 3. Move the catcher to the right by using the right button. 4. Click on the yellow button to release the catcher and catch the doll.
Brain Out Level 182 Goal 3 times Before following the next two steps Goal two times it is easy if you fail you can try many times after the 3rd goal this red ball appears: 1. Click it very fast until bar is full. 2. Then grab the ball and put in into Goal.
Brain Out Level 183 Choose the largest number You have to do it by yourself find the largest number in the fastest way possible.
Brain Out Level 184 Thirsty May I have a glass of water Use one of your fingers to lift the container at the left and the other finger to rotate it and pour water in the glass. Note: Don’t lift another finger until glass is full.
Brain Out Level 185 Park the car Move the white car to the end of the right screen and then it will appear 4 free parking spaces. Use the arrows to park the car in one of them.
Level 186 Enter Password Zoom in with the Upper Volume button and the screen will zoom in. The password is 965.
Level 187 The little bunny is hungry Drag all the hearts and place them between the empty distance so the bunny can jump to the carrot.
Level 188 Win the game Move the “YOU” word from the small man to the big one and then press the PUNCH button.
Level 189 Find chick Tap on the word “CHICK” in the instruction.
Level 190 Grill the fish for the cat Place the fish in the fire for 1 second and than give it to the cat.
Level 191 a=? 10 is the correct answer.
Level 192 Press 1000 Move the “TAP” button and the button 1000 will appear. Press it.
Level 193 Park the car Remove the green car from its parking spot and then use the arrows to park your car.
Level 194 Light a candle Zoom in the matchbox and take out the match. Slide to fire it and then light the candle.
Level 195 Subdue the monster Zoom out the monster so he becomes small and put the it inside the pocket.
Level 196 Who is the smartest? The answer is the DEVELOPER.
Level 197 Make him laugh Take off his left shoe and tickle the foot with the feather.
Level 198 Open the safe The key is located behind the safe so move the safe and take the key and slide it so it opens.
Level 199 What’s the answer? The correct answer is 97.
Level 200 Lucky spin Move the spin to the gift box.
Level 201 Let’s RPS Turn the robot by sliding him and then tap the pick shown behind him until you can beat it with your choice.
Level 202 Fill the glass To fill the glass, strike a match and light the candle, put the candle on the plate of water, then put the glass on the plate over the candle.
Level 203 Get the toy out from the bottle Zoom out the toy and then turn your phone upside down so the toy falls.
Level 204 Shout out I am handsome To shout “I am handsome” hit the start button, then when “I can’t hear you” appears, hit ok, then hit the start button again.
Level 205 Beat the monster Take the rubber to erase the HP Bar and you will beat the monster.
Level 206 Reach the End Flip your device upside down and tap on the person. Hold your device like that until he reaches the finish line.
Level 207 Enter Password The correct answer is ?.
Level 208 DO NOT TAP Do not touch your screen for 15 seconds.
Level 209 Get rid of Sadako Tap the button to turn off the television.
Level 210 Shoot a basket Turn the device and let the basketball run to the hoop.
Level 211 Don’t hit the bullseye Use your finger to block the arrow before it reaches the bullseye.
Level 212 Put feet on shoulder Put the word “Feet” on top of the word “Shoulder” in the instruction.
Level 213 Improve eyesight Take out the cleaning cloth from his pocket and clean his glasses.
Level 214 Do Not Speak Turn down the volume of your device.
Level 215 Unlock the Pad Move the word password inside the input box.
Level 216 How to distribute 3 apples to 6 people equally Change the number 6 with the number 3 in the instruction so its easier to solve it. Distribute 2 apples for each.
Level 217 Tilt the balance to the left Move the gorilla to the left.
Level 218 Find out 6 smile Pull down the emoji’s mouth to create a smile. Then tap on the 6 smiling emojis.
Level 219 Collect coins First go to the left to collect one coin and then after getting them all tap his bag 7 times and the last coin will fall.
Level 220 Find 5 stars One star is in the popcorn the other on her head then tap her 10 times and 3 more stars will appear.
Level 221 How to dodge the attack? Zoom out the screen and move him on top of the burrow.
Level 222 Cross the end Drag the car up until you cross the word “END” in the instruction.
Level 223 Find the chick Zoom out the screen and move the hen on top of the eggs to hatch the chick.
Level 224 Help the boy win Move the girl to the middle.
Level 225 Escape the room Slide the curtain quickly and zoom in. Type 9342 to escape the room.

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About the Game

Do you think you have a high IQ? Test your brain skills in this fun packed game with tricky brain questions. At first sight the questions can look simple but we guarantee you that the answer is always tricky. Brain Out is currently trending across the globe and the game developers have decided to update the game with new levels and also a great Christmas challenge named “Where is Santa Claus”. In case you haven’t downloaded the game but you are looking to play this exciting and funny game then use the buttons we have shared below. You will be taken to the respective store where the installation process can begin.