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Brain Out Answers

Brain Out is a very popular brain game developed by Eyewind Limited for all major platforms such as iOS and Android devices. The reason why you have landed on this site is because you are looking for the Brain Out Answers. Look no further because we have just updated this page with all Brain Out Answers, Cheats and Solutions for all 200+ levels of the game.

Brain Out Answers

  • Brain Out Level 1 – Find The Biggest One – WATERMELON IS THE BIGGEST FRUIT
  • Brain Out Level 2 – How many ducks? – The answer is 9. One of the ducks is a chick.
  • Brain Out Level 3 – Who is the tallest one? – The Sun
  • Brain Out Level 4 – Can you find out the different one? Move the apples and you will find a bitten one which is different from the rest.
  • Brain Out Level 5 – Create a rectangle. – Drag the square to your left screen so that it forms a rectangle.
  • Brain Out Level 6 – How many triangles are in a pentagram? – The total number of triangles in a pentagram is 11.
  • Brain Out Level 7 – Find the largest fire. – Combine all the fires together to form a huge fire.
  • Brain Out Level 8 – What’s the number under the parked car? – Just move the car to see the number underneath.
  • Brain Out Level 9 – What mark would you give for this game? – The correct and only answer must be FULL MARKS.
  • Brain Out Level 10 – Wake up the owl. – Take the sun out of the screen and the night will come. Owls do wake up at night.

More levels are coming as we update the game. Please make sure to bookmark this page or follow us on Facebook and we will let you know once the new levels are out.

About the Game

Do you think you have a high IQ? Test your brain skills in this fun packed game with tricky brain questions. At first sight the questions can look simple but we guarantee you that the answer is always tricky. Brain Out is currently trending across the globe and the game developers have decided to update the game with new levels and also a great Christmas challenge named “Where is Santa Claus”. In case you haven’t downloaded the game but you are looking to play this exciting and funny game then use the buttons we have shared below. You will be taken to the respective store where the installation process can begin.

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