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Word Craze Answers

Please find below all the Word Craze Answers, Cheats and Solutions. Word Craze is a brand new game developed by YEW TECHNOLOGY Limited where tens of hundreds of crossword puzzles are waiting for you to solve. The design looks similar to the counterpart game CodyCross but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play Word Craze because the fun is guaranteed with all the crossword clues included in this new and exciting crossword puzzle game. The reason why you have landed on our website is because you are looking for the possible game answers. Look no further because we have just finished solving all the Word Craze Answers and the solutions are as following:

NOTE: We highly recommend you to search our so that you can find directly the crossword clue that you are having difficulties with.

Word Craze Answers

Blow these out to make a birthday wish CANDLES
What sound does this animal make? QUACK
What is this round candy? GUMBALL
The color of envy GREEN
Sleep Fantasies DREAM
What animal is this? DOLPHIN
A leafy starter course topped with dressing SALAD
A circular piece of jewelry worn on the wrist or arm BRACELET
Coins and bills used to purchases goods and services MONEY
Expression being in agreement EYETOEYE
A pharmacy keeps its shelves stocked with these goods MEDICINE
This celestial body guides your way NORTHSTAR
What animal has this pattern? CHEETAH
A parent’s father GRANDPA
Holiday season for students SUMMER
Let’s cast a magic spell! _____ Pocus! HOCUS
What is this manual of recipes? COOKBOOK
The number of states in the United States FIFTY
A place to buy souvenirs at a theme park or museum GIFTSHOP
The white ball in a game of pool CUEBALL
What vegetable is this? GREENPEA
What animal is this? COMING SOON
The _____ green Christmas grump GRINCH
Witchy laugh CACKLE
Expression have a short break TAKEFIVE
E.g. Thousand Island Caesar vinaigrette DRESSING
TV comedy genre usually with 30-minute episodes SITCOM
Loose comfy sleepwear PAJAMAS
Hello and goodbye in Hawaii ALOHA
Phrase once in a ___ ___ BLUEMOON
An actor’s dialogue and directions are written in this SCRIPT
Most celebrated physicist in history E equals MC squared EINSTEIN
What kind of American folk dance is this? HOEDOWN
Road Runner’s enemy Wile E. ____ COYOTE
A lane that only can be used when not driving alone CARPOOL
Waxy drawing implement for children CRAYON
Queen’s _____ black-hatted British soldiers who supposedly do not GUARD
What city in Italy is this? PISA
The shape of a baseball field DIAMOND
A solar ______ is when the sun is blocked by the moon ECLIPSE
Something very hard to find in a haystack NEEDLE
Which planet is this? MARS
A place where one can bet to win big or lose it all CASINO
Everyone gets one per year usually with gifts and a song BIRTHDAY
A game where players send hefty balls careening into pins BOWLING
Native American painted animal tower made of wood TOTEMPOLE
To free a bird from a metal enclosure UNCAGE
Survivor and The Bachelorette are examples of this TV genre REALITYTV
A long-necked African animal GIRAFFE
Ancient Roman Colosseum fighter GLADIATOR
What kind of furniture does this represent? CABINET
A name for the 15-ton bell in a famous London clock tower BIGBEN
An investigator who solves crimes DETECTIVE
What type of sporting equipment is used to hit this? BASEBALLBAT
A bad deal grossly overpriced product RIPOFF
People might think you’re crazy if you lose these MARBLES
Gives parents the first look at their baby ULTRASOUND
Flying blood sucking insect MOSQUITO
Who is this French emperor? NAPOLEON
This 70s American rock band sang Dream on AEROSMITH
A floor of a building that is underground BASEMENT
A story passed down through the ages LEGEND
Prehistoric Terrible Lizards DINOSAURS
The capital of California SACRAMENTO
A juicy summer treat with a hard green rind WATERMELON
Attach two to a string to make low-tech walkie-talkies TINCANS
What kind of coat is this? TAILCOAT
A mythical underwater city ATLANTIS
An educational schooltime excursion may require a permission slip FIELDTRIP
Ralph ______ fashion designer LAUREN
A blacksmith hammers metal on this ANVIL
A way to order fast food from the car DRIVETHRU
Expression These are the devil’s workshop IDLEHANDS
The highest mountain in the world EVEREST
Word meaning once a year ANNUAL
This pink bunny keeps going and going and going… ENERGIZER
Animals that primarily consume plants HERBIVORES
Cooking ______ spatula kitchen tongs cheese grater etc. UTENSILS
This word means someone who talks a lot CHATTERBOX
Finger accessory that supposedly shows your emotional state MOODRING
What medicine does this represent? ANTACID
Offered Neo a red pill and a blue pill in The Matrix MORPHEUS
David felled with this giant with a single stone GOLIATH
Having excellent vision or observational skills EAGLEEYED
Heavy object that keeps a ship in place ANCHOR
Name for a grouping of geese GAGGLE
_______ Ramsay famously angry chef GORDON
The world’s second largest country by area eh? CANADA
Bandage-wrapped horror icon MUMMY
Patterned coverings for the sides of a room WALLPAPER
The side of the road you drive on in the US RIGHT
A common refreshment at Christmas parties sometimes has alcohol EGGNOG
Selling like _______ meaning something that is selling very quickly HOTCAKES
A unit of measurement used to measure the loudness of sound DECIBEL
A gradual transition used to start a movie scene FADEIN
These are tough nuts to crack WALNUTS
E.g. a nervous breakdown MELTDOWN
Spooky hair-raising EERIE
An illusion that might be seen in the desert MIRAGE
What trail mix staple is this? RAISIN
An emergency vehicle that rushes patients to the hospital AMBULANCE
You’ll find this on a pirate flag CROSSBONES
A school class’ ultimate test FINALEXAM
Ring this to alert people inside a house to your presence DOORBELL
Demigod who performed 12 labors featured in a 1997 Disney movie HERCULES
A progress indicator for a student REPORTCARD
Furry floor covering CARPET
A place for a canine to rest their head DOGHOUSE
Phrase a teaser for a film SNEAKPEEK
Protective eye equipment GOGGLES
Two-piece swimwear for women BIKINI
Proofreading tool that ensures that your words are correct SPELLCHECK
Preserved impression of prehistoric animals dinosaur remains FOSSIL
Warrior’s handheld defensive gear SHIELD
What body part does this represent? EYELID
Yellow vehicle that takes students to their teachers SCHOOLBUS
Phrase be aware of remember BEARINMIND
Black and white Oriental symbol of balance YINYANG
An old-fashioned way of sending messages TELEGRAM
Someone who seeks to improve relations between their country and DIPLOMAT
Restraints put on prisoners’ wrists and ankles SHACKLES
A room in a home where food is prepared KITCHEN
The next step after you download an app INSTALL
What are these animals from Central Asia? YAKS
Charles M. ______ creator of Charlie Brown SCHULZ
Headwear used to correct vision GLASSES
The planet that Superman originated from KRYPTON
A gem that comes from oysters mussels and clams PEARL
A ticklish red Muppet from Sesame Street ELMO
Salty solution used for pickling food BRINE
What kind of toy is this? YOYO
A color that has the same name as a fruit ORANGE
Close but __ _____ to fall short of something NOCIGAR
A professional who can fix up a car MECHANIC
A folder for sent e-mails OUTBOX
Sports drink with a lightning bolt logo GATORADE
Fireside treat made of graham crackers chocolate and marshmallows SMORES
Which dogs have this pattern? DALMATIANS
Children always lose these but they quickly grow back BABYTEETH
Online message boards that users can post on FORUMS
What brand of soft drink is this? DRPEPPER
What Clint Eastwood movie is this? DIRTYHARRY
Triangular shoulder muscle DELTOID
Headgear to keep you warm during winter EARMUFFS
An angle between 90 and 180 degrees OBTUSE
Proctor and Gamble’s odor eliminator that comes in a blue bottle FEBREZE
The Greek god of the underworld HADES
Red-and-white-striped Christmas treat CANDYCANE
Something that can be read the same backwards and forwards e.g. PALINDROME
A symbol of Thanksgiving signifying abundance the Horn of Plenty CORNUCOPIA
Slim red explosive with a fuse DYNAMITE
An apple a day keeps this professional away DOCTOR
How was this food cooked? DEEPFRIED
A legitimate act done for good reason is this JUSTIFIED
Japanese noodles favored by college students on a budget RAMEN
Phrase a group of experts THINKTANK
Expression easy task CAKEWALK
You never had a friend like him Aladdin’s blue companion GENIE
You are the _______ link goodbye catch phrase of a 2001 game WEAKEST
Citizen Kane’s dying word ROSEBUD
One __ _ ____ unique OFAKIND
_______ will get you nowhere praising someone won’t win any favors FLATTERY
A popular myth is that eating carrots can improve this EYESIGHT
This cartoon animal is smarter than the average member of his species YOGIBEAR
Don _______ an idealist who did battle with windmills QUIXOTE
A weather ritual that seeks to bring about precipitation RAINDANCE
What type of cup of this? WINEGLASS
Idiomatically this is the best medicine but I’d get a second opinion! LAUGHTER
What is this person painting on? CANVAS
A battle between fighter pilots DOGFIGHT
What dolphins and bats do to navigate ECHOLOCATE
A thrusting weapon used in duels RAPIER
An ultimate enemy of sleeping in ALARMCLOCK
Sony’s portable music player that debuted in 1979 WALKMAN
What happens here stays here LASVEGAS
A 1997 comedy starring Jim Carrey as a lawyer cursed to tell the LIARLIAR
A bird commonly seen in cities also called a dove PIGEON
A medicinal cream applied to the skin OINTMENT
Short and stout with a handle and a spout TEAPOT
French snail dish ESCARGOT
A place of education and sometimes rock SCHOOL
Expression maybe said when refusing NODICE
Throwing one of these into a plan might mess things up WRENCH
What type of wild punch is this? HAYMAKER
A samurai’s sword KATANA
Self-service restaurant BUFFET
A prestigious sporting event that has a logo with 5 rings OLYMPICS
The vertical component of a graph YAXIS
The ____ ____ Disney movie LIONKING
A person who takes orders in a restaurant WAITER
E.g. football baseball boxingu2026 SPORTS
Something spoken about in hushed tones SECRET
Vine-swinging wildman raised by apes TARZAN
Protects a dining surface from errant food stains TABLECLOTH
A type of romantic dinner CANDLELIGHT
A line used to connect words HYPHEN
Expression It’s not in my __________ WHEELHOUSE
Where you don’t want to be without a paddle UPACREEK
A painful type of dive that causes a big splash BELLYFLOP
The receptacle that Oscar the Grouch lives in TRASHCAN
A spongy exfoliator used during a shower LOOFAH
Means good luck backstage BREAKALEG
What type of combat is this? HANDTOHAND
The titular character grows up to be a beautiful swan UGLYDUCKLING
A nickname for New York City THEBIGAPPLE
A mark that gets left from a dirty eraser SMUDGE
An energy drink that gives you wings REDBULL
A juvenile form of animals such as a caterpillar or tadpole LARVA
Dairy meat fruits vegetables and grains FOODGROUPS
Shamu was one of these KILLERWHALE
Horror writer famous for writing Dracula BRAMSTOKER
What type of bed is this? WATERBED
Sandy timekeeping device HOURGLASS
A rounder figure that develops when one becomes a father DADBOD
The side that opposed the Empire in Star Wars REBELS
What type of car is this? HOTROD
Mark ______ Luke Skywalker and the voice of Joker HAMILL
A facial accessory for pirates EYEPATCH
School event with many baking soda volcanos SCIENCEFAIR
Dried strips of cow meat BEEFJERKY
Microscopic rods and spheres that can cause illness BACTERIA
Bait flies and other gear can be found in here TACKLEBOX
What is this internet identifier? E.g. EMAILADDRESS
A road for airplanes taking off and landing RUNWAY
Approximately 1000 gigabytes TERABYTE
They roll them out for celebrities REDCARPET
The 2007 Pixar movie of a rat who aspires to be a chef RATATOUILLE
Covering for both teeth and pottery ENAMEL
A surprisingly spacious women’s accessory carried on a strap HANDBAG
What common airport item is this? BAGGAGE
How you might feel if you haven’t drank anything for a while THIRSTY
Famous investigator ________ Holmes SHERLOCK
A manufacturer’s guarantee to service a product under certain terms WARRANTY
Expression We got off on the ____ ____ WRONGFOOT
Hong Kong actor who famously did his own stunts Rumble in the Bronx JACKIECHAN
Surgeon’s outfit often blue SCRUBS
Pay no attention to IGNORE
Japanese art of folding paper ORIGAMI
A basic ice cream flavor alongside chocolate VANILLA
A book that you just can’t put down PAGETURNER
This hoppy marsupial keeps its young close KANGAROO
A small flat device that provides extra data storage MEMORYCARD
Sought the secrets of turning lead into gold ALCHEMISTS
A tool with rungs that is used to reach high places LADDER
A cow dispenses milk from here UDDER
A note that’s equivalent to a D flat a programming language CSHARP
Expression exactly what was needed HITSTHESPOT
Being confined to one’s home comes with an ankle accessory HOUSEARREST
2016 musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone LALALAND
Apocalyptic event predicted in Norse mythology RAGNAROK
Blended fruit drink SMOOTHIE
Expression freezing temperatures BELOWZERO
Personification of nature and our planet MOTHEREARTH
What is this deep-fried side dish? HUSHPUPPY
Three words you can use to find yourself on a shopping mall map YOUAREHERE
Tests of this show who you really are CHARACTER
The English singer of Space Oddity and actor in Labyrinth DAVIDBOWIE
Dorothy meets the Wizard of Oz in the _______ City EMERALD
Expression it can spoil the bunch BADAPPLE
Putting things in the front yard with a price tag YARDSALE
A holiday where all manner of monsters come out for candy HALLOWEEN
Scuba diver apparel WETSUIT
A decision that doesn’t take any thinking at all NOBRAINER
A flat tailed rodent who can fell trees BEAVER
US author and activist first deaf-blind person to receive a BA degree HELENKELLER
A place of knowledge but please be quiet! LIBRARY
Expression something unlikely to happen PIEINTHESKY
Main artery carrying blood away from the heart AORTA
What is this aquatic bird feature? WEBBEDFEET
The soul of wit BREVITY
A word meaning a place of great happiness PARADISE
A place to fuel up your vehicle GASSTATION
Michael Jackson’s zombie adventure the best selling album of all THRILLER
What a good listener might say IMALLEARS
Ancient American civilization known for performing human sacrifices AZTECS
The opposite of temporary PERMANENT
Capital of Florida Woody Harrelson’s character in Zombieland TALLAHASSEE
An informal spur of the moment photo SNAPSHOT
Aircraft are kept in these HANGARS
The lanky schoolmaster who was chased by the Headless Horseman ICHABODCRANE
A method of using chemicals to preserve a body EMBALMING
Which Scandinavian country is this? NORWAY
Besides cooking this powder is also used in toothpaste and for cleaning BAKINGSODA
An actor that is in consistently similar roles is this TYPECAST
What elastic office supply item is this? RUBBERBAND
A time of great cold and great mammoths ICEAGE
A person who enjoys games of chance GAMBLER
Computer equipment used to get letters onto the screen KEYBOARD
O AB+ A- everyone has one BLOODTYPE
Surgically remove a limb or other body part AMPUTATE
One who observes rather than participates SPECTATOR
What is this Jackie Chanx2fChris Tucker movie? RUSHHOUR
Expression late-night air journey REDEYEFLIGHT
Filmmaker famous for The Nightmare before Christmas and Batman TIMBURTON
Expression something held in excessively high esteem is put here ONAPEDESTAL
Classic 1000+ page novel by Leo Tolstoy WARANDPEACE
What type of whale is this? NARWHAL
Crown for beauty pageant winners and prom queens TIARA
The wild card in a deck of playing cards JOKER
A time for a worker to rest usually WEEKEND
You’ll need one to get a seat in a crowded restaurant RESERVATION
The 3D equivalent of a circle SPHERE
Area cordoned off with yellow tape by police CRIMESCENE
Type of hard drive with no moving parts SOLIDSTATE
Another name for a polygraph supposedly detects falsehoods LIEDETECTOR
What insect royalty is this? QUEENBEE
These Boys made hits like u201CI Want it That Way BACKSTREET
A machine for destroying documents SHREDDER
A house that has more ghosts than usual HAUNTED
Extra wages for working under dangerous conditions HAZARDPAY
The largest flightless bird one of their eggs makes 24 omelettes OSTRICH
Examples include Harry Potter Merlin and Gandalf WIZARD
Famous English researcher of chimpanzees JANEGOODALL
What post-apocalyptic movie is this? MADMAX
Yankee Doodle called his feathered cap this MACARONI
A deck used for fortune telling TAROTCARDS
Bedtime song for children LULLABY
An emperor that was told to beware the Ides of March JULIUSCAESAR
What survival TV show is this? MANVSWILD
Used to clean spills and comes on a roll PAPERTOWEL
If you are the ____ __ ______ then you should turn out the lights LASTTOLEAVE
Expression Financially support an endeavor BANKROLL
Where you might see www. on an internet browser ADDRESSBAR
A man made of straw who protects crops SCARECROW
What Indian landmark is this? TAJMAHAL
Flat breakfast treat often served with maple syrup PANCAKE
Expression to suddenly explode in anger as in an engine BLOWAGASKET
A common bedtime phrase SWEETDREAMS
A tool used when hanging a painting HAMMER
A boxer that is weak to chin shots has one of these GLASSJAW
At upscale locations person who parks your car VALET
Don’t drive a car through this means stop REDLIGHT
Expression without warning OUTOFTHEBLUE
2016 action film staring Matt Damon as the title character JASONBOURNE
Last one there is a _____ ___! ROTTENEGG
What red fruit is this? STRAWBERRY
Age group after child but before adult TEENAGER
Garfield’s canine friend ODIE
An archive for one’s thoughts and memories JOURNAL
Another name for music records what they’re made of VINYL
This 80s English rock band sang Creep RADIOHEAD
An installment of a TV series EPISODE
A brand that became synonymous with making paper copies XEROX
Expression a difficult task UPHILLBATTLE
Ash replaces one of his hands with this weapon in Evil Dead CHAINSAW
What is this type of comfortable seat? ARMCHAIR
Chronicles of all human happenings HISTORY
Beverage made from squeezing fruits JUICE
A stroll through the outdoors with educational signs along the way NATUREWALK
What red root vegetable is this? RADISH
Tabloid photographers fixated on shooting the stars PAPARAZZI
Keeps your hair healthy and clean SHAMPOO
Cue card machine helps an orator if they forget their words TELEPROMPTER
The classic pirate’s flag is called this JOLLYROGER
Expression something that can pass for an exact copy DEADRINGER
Screen text for the hearing impaired SUBTITLE
Steve Urkel’s catchphrase DIDIDOTHAT
1982 sci-fi film where Harrison Ford hunts replicants BLADERUNNER
Green hotdog topping RELISH
A way to decide the winner when the scores are the same TIEBREAKER
Alice sat at one of these with the Mad Hatter TEAPARTY
Jack climbed one of these and encountered a giant BEANSTALK
Canine racing breed and a kind of bus GREYHOUND
A jungle predator and brand of car JAGUAR
Cook hired to provide food at an event CATERER
A favored meal for bees and butterflies NECTAR
What football foul is this? OFFSIDES
60s guitar legend that had hits like Purple Haze JIMIHENDRIX
Lincoln gave his Four score and seven years ago speech here GETTYSBURG
McDonald’s classic with secret sauce BIGMAC
What carnival feature is this? SIDESHOW
The head honcho of an organization large solid dairy product BIGCHEESE
Which US district is this landmark located in? WASHINGTONDC
Objects with designs focused on human comfort and efficiency are ERGONOMIC
A fast food catalog for people trying to save a buck VALUEMENU
Top Olympic runner who is as fast as his name USAINBOLT
Professional football team from Oakland RAIDERS
A common condiment for french fries KETCHUP
This black rock held the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs ROSETTASTONE
Sci-fi instant transportation method TELEPORT
What is this spy-related term TOPSECRET
One of the 5 Great Lakes found in Michigan LAKEHURON
Annual school memento often signed YEARBOOK
What editing software is this? PHOTOSHOP
_____ is golden sometimes it’s wise to say nothing SILENCE
Improvisational game where you fill in the blanks to a story MADLIBS
A kindly TV host who asked Won’t you be my neighbor? MRROGERS
Dashboard instrument that displays the distance traveled ODOMETER
Around the clock news ________ COVERAGE
_____house-Five an anti-war novel by Kurt Vonnegut SLAUGHTER
___ pentameter Shakespeare’s sonnets are written in this meter IAMBIC
A colorful instrument played with mallets XYLOPHONE
The part of the swimming pool that goes down the furthest THEDEEPEND
Bond villain with a lethal hat ODDJOB
Contains A through Z ALPHABET
You don’t want this boundary to recede! HAIRLINE
Hairstyle of Mr. T MOHAWK
Symbol used to mark out trending topics e.g. on Twitter HASHTAG
To leave an area faced with impending danger EVACUATE
Publications that feature panels and word balloons COMICBOOK
Expression Clumsy HAMFISTED
Expression throwing out ideas BRAINSTORM
Digital pet popular in the 1990s TAMAGOTCHI
Offer to buy something at an unrealistically low price LOWBALL
Mascot of UC Santa Cruz this gastropod resembles a fruit BANANASLUG
Who is this chilly champion? WINTER
1970s hit by the Village People the dance spells out the name YMCA
Ali Baba tangles with them after learning the magic words Open Sesame FORTYTHIEVES
Aerobic exercise that has your hands touching over your head JUMPINGJACKS
Original name of desktops produced by Apple MACINTOSH
A leather case for bills photos cards and more WALLET
PBS has a Roadshow to find these sometimes hidden treasures ANTIQUES
The successor format to DVDs BLURAY
Arnold Schwarzenegger was one for California GOVERNOR
Spotted African predator known for its distinctive laugh HYENA
Handheld pest control device FLYSWATTER
Expression that conveys longing MISSINGYOU
Half of a bicycle UNICYCLE
Long-necked livestock known for spitting when irritated LLAMA
Keyboard key used to delete errors BACKSPACE
What kind of smelly fruit is this? DURIAN
One-piece gymnastics wear LEOTARD
Our thumbs are kind of special for this reason OPPOSABLE
Ten to the power of three THOUSAND
Bad breath condition HALITOSIS
Movement with a ball on a basketball court DRIBBLING
Glass half empty type of person PESSIMIST
A short or partial view a peek GLIMPSE
Peter Pan’s handicapped enemy CAPTAINHOOK
Famous museum home to the Mona Lisa LOUVRE
Manhattan Mojito Gin and Tonic for example COCKTAIL
What is this farm tool called? SCYTHE
Amusement where participants drive electronic cars into one another BUMPERCARS
Lion from the Narnia series ASLAN
Former name of Ho Chi Minh City SAIGON
What do you call someone that plays this? ORGANIST
Never ceasing infinite ENDLESS
Mexican dish heated tortilla filled with cheese and other ingredients QUESADILLA
Spooky gourd PUMPKIN
Oversized music player often carried on the shoulder BOOMBOX
An exact duplicate especially of a document FACSIMILE
Soda sugar substitute high fructose ___ ____ CORNSYRUP
Words that might be used to start a race READYSETGO
Who is this Greek philosopher? SOCRATES
Lachrymose stuffed donkey from Winnie the Pooh EEYORE
The 1991 superhero in The Rocketeer wore this flight equipment JETPACK
Tension sinus cluster are types of this HEADACHE
First animal alphabetically AARDVARK
Arabic dancing style featuring complex torso movements and exotic BELLYDANCE
What is this man’s occupation? UMPIRE
Yellow video game icon’s wife MSPACMAN
Supposedly negative calorie veggie CELERY
Orcine-pay ode-cay anguage-lay PIGLATIN
What is this kitsch object called? LAVALAMP
The sincerest form of flattery IMITATION
Culturally unacceptable practice like gifting a clock in China TABOO
A species of large ginger ape ORANGUTAN
Premium chocolate brand from Belgium named after the Lady GODIVA
Portrayed Obi-wan Kenobi in the original film ALECGUINNESS
This is an ________ seal named after a long-nosed animal ELEPHANT
Friday the _____ horror classic THIRTEENTH
Painter’s support usually wooden EASEL
Pocket money regularly given by parents to their kids ALLOWANCE
Inspirational phrase given by a cat poster HANGINTHERE
Northeastern US region NEWENGLAND
They never go unpunished GOODDEEDS
What rapper does this refer to? SLIMSHADY
Hooked whaling implement HARPOON
Name used for a vehicle that criminals escape a crime scene in GETAWAYCAR
Green-clad sprite who has a pot of gold LEPRECHAUN
A rapper move voice amplifier release MICDROP
Doritos flavor found in a blue bag COOLRANCH
Dante’s ____ first part of his Divine Comedy INFERNO
Early Disney film Mickey Mouse’s magic mishap FANTASIA
Skyscraper thriller Bruce Willis stars DIEHARD
French city famous for the mustard DIJON
Athlete that tumbles rolls somersaults and more GYMNAST
Moralistic tales Aesop’s are quite famous FABLES
Weekend hire to give parents some time away BABYSITTER
Tiny pores on leaves and stems that allow plants to breathe STOMATA
Severe allergy sufferers should keep one around EPIPEN
What kind of music do these men play? MARIACHI
He picked a peck of pickled peppers. PETERPIPER
This is Batman’s favorite bird ROBIN
Mythical city of gold supposedly in South America ELDORADO
A rush of snow or rocks sliding down a slope AVALANCHE
Admission of one’s guilt CONFESSION
Model enclosed in glass that can be shaken for a Wintertime scene SNOWGLOBE
What is this instrument called? UKULELE
Judy ____ starred in Wizard of Oz GARLAND
Condiment made with egg and oil MAYONNAISE
Railroad car typically at the end of the train that houses the crew CABOOSE
Musical style that uses vocals without any instruments ACAPPELLA
A meter in a vehicle that shows how much gas is remaining FUELGAUGE
Expression a race that is too close to call especially a horse NECKANDNECK
Separate from a spouse DIVORCE
Comes before junior high my dear Watson ELEMENTARY
What is this Japanese dish called? TEMPURA
The Big ____ the Dude abides LEBOWSKI
Male deer have them ANTLERS
This helps you pay for college SCHOLARSHIP
Stuffs animals for display TAXIDERMIST
Lemons limes and oranges for example CITRUS
Hunter who fought Arnie and Aliens in separate films PREDATOR
Traffic anger in other words ROADRAGE
What is this surgeon’s tool called? FORCEPS
Alan _______ portrayed Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series RICKMAN
Thomas Alva ______ credited for inventing the lightbulb EDISON
_____ Tesla rival of the above NIKOLA
Informal term for a psychiatrist SHRINK
You might raise these facial features in surprise EYEBROWS
As American as ____ __ APPLEPIE
What is this combined landmass called EURASIA
Magic words similar to hocus pocus or alakazam! ABRACADABRA
What expression does this represent? DIMEADOZEN
Light spectrum used by night vision goggles INFRARED
Rules 1 & 2: you do not talk about this FIGHTCLUB
Polka instrument also called squeezebox ACCORDION
What is this type of bike called? TANDEM
The best defense is a good _____ OFFENSE
Type of mammal named after the Latin for pouch MARSUPIAL
The fairy variant of this helped Cinderella GODMOTHER
A desert reptile that has a peculiar tail RATTLESNAKE
Also called mouth harp HARMONICA
What word does this represent? DENOTE
Do as I say ___ __ _ __ NOTASIDO
Poultry trinity mashup TURDUCKEN
Black tie white tie business casual for example DRESSCODE
Hypothetical perfect society UTOPIA
In US law one is considered this until proven guilty INNOCENT
Mythical hybrid beast combination of lion goat and snake CHIMERA
Strawberry vanilla and chocolate in one NEAPOLITAN
Canadian national sport ICEHOCKEY
Large spiders kept by some as pets for some reason TARANTULA
What are these called collectively? CUTLERY
Name of the second Matrix film RELOADED
First name of General Grant of the US Civil War ULYSSES
Bart Simpson is in this in every episode intro DETENTION
Make like a tree LEAVE
To listen in on a conversation not meant for you EAVESDROP
Chemical ingredient in nail polish remover ACETONE
Fictional animated band recorded Feel Good Inc GORRILLAZ
What is the name of this shape NONAGON
Undo button but for pencil writing ERASER
He says I do at a wedding GROOM
The eponymous Lord of the Rings SAURON
What theory does this represent? EVOLUTION
Pest animal known for playing dead OPOSSUM
What is this massive landmark found in South Dakota called? MTRUSHMORE
US city of brotherly love PHILADELPHIA
Miniature sea creatures that are a favorite food of whales PLANKTON
Bart Simpson would prefer that you don’t do this man HAVEACOW
Small pieces of paper to help memorization FLASHCARDS
There are two on the US map CAROLINAS
Alternative to automatic in cars MANUAL
Pet detective portrayed by Jim Carrey ACEVENTURA
A type of tea named after nobility EARLGREY
__ ___ no foul NOHARM
The ___ ____ Christopher Nolan movie DARKKNIGHT
Afternoon performance of a play don’t confuse with sea cow MATINEE
Billionaire founder of Tesla and SpaceX ELONMUSK
Odin Thor Loki Tyr Balder and Freya are examples of these NORSEGODS
What astrological sign is this? SAGITTARIUS
Norse warriors feared for their unstoppable rage BERSERKERS
A brief appearance of a movie star in a film CAMEO
Pabst ____ ______ American lager BLUERIBBON
China Korea and Japan are countries in this region EASTASIA
The most Canadian of the Five Great Lakes of North America LAKEONTARIO
The Good Witch of the South GLINDA
What type of nut is this? PISTACHIO
What a surgeon calls a cut INCISION
Patron saint of Ireland SAINTPATRICK
Magnanimous response to no offense NONETAKEN
Walking on this is a balancing act TIGHTROPE
The entrance to heaven is often called this PEARLYGATES
Expression a misleading clue REDHERRING
Gives sodas their distinctive fizzy quality CARBONATION
Giant pandas were this until 2016 ENDANGERED
Suited for both land and water AMPHIBIOUS
One of these is ten millimeters long CENTIMETER
Speak in a low volume obligatory in a library WHISPER
Leave out remove from consideration EXCLUDE
Traditional ritual for greeting or sealing a deal HANDSHAKE
The last Mad Max film FURYROAD
A child might throw one when angry TANTRUM
Expression caught in the act REDHANDED
Chicken gold and wisdom can be found in this form NUGGET
One who has been hired to perform a job EMPLOYEE
Often paired with ladies when introducing a performance GENTLEMEN
Chocolate ice cream flavor with nuts and marshmallows ROCKYROAD
Hypothetical technology for traveling to the past or future TIMEMACHINE
What is this measuring instrument called? CALIPER
He shot first no matter what George Lucas says HANSOLO
You can take these to control a horse REINS
Little men with red hats that might live in your garden GNOMES
A sanitary cloth used when dining to wipe up messes NAPKIN
Eight of these pull Santa’s sleigh REINDEER
Comes in packages of 10 while the buns come in packages of 8 HOTDOGS
Synthetic fiber used in women’s stockings NYLON
A king who was cursed to have his touch turn things into gold MIDAS
One who fusses over unimportant details NITPICKER
What musical symbol does this represent? EIGHTHNOTE
Without preparation or rehearsal IMPROMPTU
Write rite right and Wright are all examples of this HOMOPHONE
Robin Hood’s love interest MAIDMARIAN
Italian grilled sandwich often made in a press PANINI
Classic third option for voters ABSTAIN
You might gaze at yours for meditation NAVEL
Head accessory used to privately listen to music players EARBUDS
King Arthur’s legendary sword EXCALIBUR
Well known but not in a good way INFAMOUS
Expression joyful cheerful chipper WALKINGONAIR
Obsolete data storage the save icon is modeled after this FLOPPYDISK
Cutting these can leave you in tears ONIONS
A musical ensemble with a conductor and many types of instruments ORCHESTRA
A proof of purchase often used for returns RECEIPT
Expression an attack made on an unprepared opponent CHEAPSHOT
Portable light source before flashlights LANTERN
This might be filled with junk MAILBOX
An artist’s greatest work MAGNUMOPUS
Los Del Rio hit which caused a 90s dance craze MACARENA
The foot soldiers of an army INFANTRY
Phrase something that indicates things might turn around or improve RAYOFHOPE
Small and common pet often found running on a wheel HAMSTER
A cell’s core where DNA is housed NUCLEUS
In the ____ while something is happening MEANTIME
A wheeled stretcher used to transport patients GURNEY
You enter via this and exit via the exit ENTRANCE
Peanut butter cups in an orange package REESES
To be or not to be that is the question HAMLET
Reporter for the Daily Planet and Superman’s love interest LOISLANE
Final chance to buy drinks at a bar LASTCALL
Wide-brimmed headgear that provides portable shade SUNHAT
What literary form does this represent? PROSE
Animals with 6 legs and 2 antennae INSECTS
____ ____ and carry on KEEPCALM
Sea _____ a spiky sea critter URCHIN
Decorative Christmas ring of leaves often found on a door WREATH
To perform very well also spreadsheet software EXCEL
Movie actor in Tropic Thunder Zoolander and more BENSTILLER
What style of restaurant is this? FASTFOOD
Sherlock Holmes’s method for solving seemingly impossible mysteries DEDUCTION
Cleaned between teeth with a string FLOSSED
Expression take a ___ ___ to defer accepting an offer RAINCHECK
One half of login information alongside a password USERNAME
Expression slow steady progress BABYSTEPS
The number above the line in a fraction NUMERATOR
Lookout post at the top of a mast on a ship CROWSNEST
A symbol of a snake eating its own tail signifying infinity OUROBOROS
Master of ceremonies for a circus introduces all the acts RINGMASTER
Let go unleash free from confinement RELEASE
A fortified room in a home that provides protection from sudden danger PANICROOM
Equivalent to 3 teaspoons or 1x2f16 of a cup TABLESPOON
Expression what is deserved JUSTDESSERTS
Breath-freshening candies The Freshmaker MENTOS
Al ______ the lead in Scarface PACINO
Rubbing a fist on one’s head NOOGIE
A grade schooler’s shoebox art display DIORAMA
Texan Cajun and Creole for English DIALECTS
Light that is beyond the visible spectrum used for sterilization ULTRAVIOLET
Socializing to make professional connections NETWORKING
The science of sound ACOUSTICS
Signature saying Live long and prosper for Spock CATCHPHRASE
Leafy green meal with the same name as a famous Roman emperor CAESARSALAD
Baseball team that has won the most World Series Championships YANKEES
Shiny paste-on symbol of achievement for children GOLDSTAR
Expression a period of time characterized by a lack of activity DRYSPELL
Served with ice bartending term ONTHEROCKS
A giant ape who climbed the Empire State Building KINGKONG
First aid item to cover a cut BANDAID
What biology term does this represent? GENEPOOL
The reptilian spokesperson for Geico GECKO
Watercraft that lets users zip around the water JETSKI
A college student’s chosen focus for study MAJOR
Summary of key points beginnings of a sketch OUTLINE
A coffee made with espresso and steamed milk LATTE
Looking back it’s 20x2f20 HINDSIGHT
A person who likes to walk trails through nature HIKER
A note that takes up an entire measure in 4x2f4 time WHOLENOTE
Midnight rider who warned that the British are coming! PAULREVERE
Royal home fit for a king and queen PALACE
Legendary bird that is reborn from the ashes PHOENIX
A _______ of a thousand miles begins with a single step Lao Zi JOURNEY
Jack Russell Boston Bull Scottish are all types of this TERRIER
Expression move without going anywhere GOINCIRCLES
His porridge chair and bed were just right for Goldilocks BABYBEAR
Black Gold a liquid found underground with a variety of uses OIL
The sea witch in The Little Mermaid who offered Ariel a trade URSULA
What animal has this type of pattern? ZEBRA
An animal that subsists on both meat and plants OMNIVORE
Unattractive or unappealing UGLY
What kind of backpack is this? KNAPSACK
A movie theater brand featuring a particularly large screen IMAX
A sandy bathroom for cats and other types of pets LITTERBOX
Used to reduce pain or put a patient to sleep for an operation ANESTHETIC
Regular guy everyman nobody special AVERAGEJOE
Tip of a projectile weapon brand of bottled water ARROWHEAD
A sustained period of little to no rain causing water shortage DROUGHT
Supersonic commercial airliner now discontinued CONCORDE
A theorem used to find the length of a side of a right triangle PYTHAGOREAN
Internet connection that can be used in many public places WIFI
Month of Halloween was once the 8th month OCTOBER
Expression wealthy MADEOFMONEY
What kind of spiky rodent is this? PORCUPINE
An interior space where a car can be parked GARAGE
Bony chest protector RIBCAGE
_______ Churchill the UK’s prime minister during WWII WINSTON
________ Island a tale about pirates and buried gold TREASURE
What expression does this represent? COMING SOON
Domesticated stone extremely low-maintenance companion PETROCK
What is this tool? SCREWDRIVER
A person who is very enthusiastic about taking photos SHUTTERBUG
Wonderland denizen who has a tendency to vanish leaving only a smile CHESHIRECAT
Often yellow cars that’ll take you places for a fare TAXI
A word meaning contemplating THINKING
1993 film by Steven Spielberg that brought dinosaurs to life JURASSICPARK
These might fall from your eyes TEARDROPS
Beachside money actually a type of very flat sea urchin SANDDOLLAR
Movement from one place to another either temporarily or permanently MIGRATION
Numbers below zero NEGATIVE
The nearest major galaxy to the Milky Way ANDROMEDA
A hole in the door for mail LETTERBOX
Constellation that looks like a small pot LITTLEDIPPER
Harry Potter’s red haired friend RONWEASLEY
What US city is this in? SANFRANCISCO
Handheld protection from the rain UMBRELLA
A type of large extinct cat known for its two long fangs SABERTOOTH
You sunk my ______ a strategic guessing game BATTLESHIP
These black hunks of carbon will help get a BBQ going CHARCOAL
A stiletto or dirk is a type of this DAGGER
1960s phenomenon with hits such as Hey Jude and Yellow Submarine THEBEATLES
An organism that leeches off a host PARASITE
Another name for Mars REDPLANET
Robot with a human form literally means man-like ANDROID
Zero on this temperature scale is known as absolute zero KELVIN
Second to last member of ROYGBIV INDIGO
From the country bordering the US on the South MEXICAN
______ Scissorhands machine-turned-man played by Johnny Depp EDWARD
When you gaze long into the _____ it gazes back into you ABYSS
To get off e.g. from an airplane DISEMBARK
Small baked treat like a muffin but with icing CUPCAKE
What is this Irish symbol called? SHAMROCK
Affectionate slang term referring to Canadians CANUCKS
When proposing you might get down into this position ONONEKNEE
They make up the nuclei of atoms together with protons NEUTRONS
Fish with uniquely pinkx2forange flesh popular as food SALMON
Traditional Venetian canal transport GONDOLA
The study of insects ENTOMOLOGY
Jam-like spread made from orange peel Paddington Bear’s favorite MARMALADE
Pumbaa’s best friend TIMON
What Bond film is this referring to? SKYFALL
Going down this street might be nostalgic MEMORYLANE
A particularly French kind of boredom and world-weariness ENNUI
Sibling’s daughter NIECE
What word does this represent? COMING SOON
Lose Yourself rapper EMINEM
Your spouse’s family INLAWS
Shakespear’s scottich play MACBETH
Grumpy avian stars of a popular mobile game ANGRYBIRDS
Capital of Taiwan TAIPEI
Distinctively Jamaican music genre REGGAE
If you are rich money is __ ____ NOOBJECT
Angelic riders in service to Odin and harbingers of war VALKYRIES
Sing around it cook marshmallows over it CAMPFIRE
Track and field event involving throwing heavy iron balls SHOTPUT
A general feeling of discomfort and illness MALAISE
Legendary guitarist ironically nicknamed Slowhand ERICCLAPTON
Colorful inflatable sphere for sandy coast play BEACHBALL
Al _______ notorious gangster CAPONE
Slightly annoyed irritated MIFFED
Helium argon xenon and neon are all this type of element NOBLEGAS
Worn by skiers and bank robbers BALACLAVA
Pale immortal bloodsucker sometimes sparkly VAMPIRE
Schooner dinghy and sloop for example SAILBOAT
The entrance to Wonderland RABBITHOLE
X marks the spot TREASUREMAP
Average length of a sitcom HALFANHOUR
A somewhat vestigial organ might be found at the back of a book APPENDIX
Swiss city birthplace of some very important Conventions GENEVA
What type of long-distance friend is this? PENPAL
What is this mythical creature called? SATYR
Two people secretly working together are in this CAHOOTS
Tiny jumping parasite can infest the fur of dogs and cats FLEA
Somewhat macabre word guessing game HANGMAN
In NA the main dish of the meal may be called this ENTREE
They finish last apparently NICEGUYS
You can catch people speeding with this RADARGUN
Another name for the Celsius scale CENTIGRADE
Put your letter inside to mail it ENVELOPE
The Latin name for your species (probably): Homo ____ SAPIENS
Hydrogen _____ might be a part of your first aid kit PEROXIDE
Natural water feature between Ontario and New York state NIAGARAFALLS
Spatially there are three of these DIMENSIONS
A month of fasting for Muslims RAMADAN
What region of the US is this? MIDWEST
Polar region without polar bears ANTARCTIC
What is this exercise equipment? DUMBBELL
Expression of regret for doing someone wrong APOLOGY
Instrumental in percussion also a tasty chicken limb DRUMSTICK
Beauty treatment for one’s nails MANICURE
Expression to study hard HITTHEBOOKS
1972 crime drama made by Francis Coppola GODFATHER
Something you might treat yourself to once in awhile LUXURY
Symbols that can be sent in text messages to convey emotion EMOJIS
Solid form of carbon dioxide DRYICE
What American stand-up comedian is this? CARROTTOP
A professional who argues cases in court LAWYER
The order in which a series of events happened CHRONOLOGY
Home furnishing that stores convenient handheld knowledge BOOKSHELF
Air taken into your lungs and then exhaled BREATH
Something you might say to someone blocking your view DOWNINFRONT
Something you shouldn’t do to a wound but can for french fries ADDSALT
US variant of a globally popular card game known as Twenty-One BLACKJACK
A place that has witnessed many departures and arrivals AIRPORT
A price put on someone’s head dead or alive BOUNTY
What type of mythical creature is this? CENTAUR
A building that contains several rentable living spaces APARTMENT
This company action increases unemployment DOWNSIZING
Leafy green vegetable often used in salads LETTUCE
Catch phrase of the Three _________ MUSKETEERS
Wires covered in plastic or rubber that carry signals CABLES
What phrase does this represent? HOMEFREE
An official order by royal ______ DECREE
1998 Pixar film about a rag tag group of insects ABUGSLIFE
Popular sandwich consisting of a ground meat patty between two buns HAMBURGER
An avid reader not an actual insect BOOKWORM
Type of malicious software that may harm your computer MALWARE
Signaling device typically placed near the door to a building DOORBELL
Iconic products of Canon Nikon Fujifilm Leica etc. CAMERA
Beethoven Mozart and Tchaikovsky are famous for this type of music CLASSICAL
Describes something hard yet easily broken BRITTLE
What peculiar phenomenon is this? CROPCIRCLE
Something that isn’t feasible in the real world is this IMPOSSIBLE
Fasteners used to keep garments from blowing away in the wind CLOTHESPIN
The type of calendar currently in use in the Western world GREGORIAN
Greek king condemned to push a rock up a hill for all eternity SISYPHUS
What is missing from the second image? BIRDS
After-dinner candy to freshen up BREATHMINT
Apartment with just one room for living and sleeping in STUDIO
Red labeled soda that’s a favorite of Santa and polar bears alike COCACOLA
Jewish festival which lasts for 8 days and nights HANUKKAH
Per legend repeating her name to a mirror will have spooky results BLOODYMARY
Expensive part of a printer that seems to run out too quickly INKCARTRIDGE
Prank that sends the victim searching for an imaginary creature SNIPEHUNT
Expression something that makes one realize they need to take action WAKEUPCALL
Where military recruits go to train BOOTCAMP
Expression having one of this means one is pregnant BUNINTHEOVEN
The sequence of steps or moves used in a dance or other performance CHOREOGRAPHY
The entry point of a website HOMEPAGE
A series of pictures physically animated by quickly turning the pages FLIPBOOK
A seer might use one of these to see your future CRYSTALBALL
What type of passage is this? DRAWBRIDGE
Itchy childhood sickness CHICKENPOX
Decryption of this German communication device aided the Allies in ENIGMA
A person who leads tours through museums or art galleries DOCENT
Blade affixed to the end of a firearm BAYONET
Someone who leaves their trash on the street LITTERBUG
An audience will often burst into this after a great performance APPLAUSE
Lightweight disk tossed between people or to dogs FRISBEE
An ancient tool used for calculations ABACUS
A period of darkness caused by a power failure BLACKOUT
What is this golfing term? HOLEINONE
A method used to make a decision short one loses DRAWSTRAWS
What type of event is this? BABYSHOWER
Where students congregate to eat CAFETERIA
Death-defying leap with a cord around your legs BUNGEEJUMP
What is this celestial object? ASTEROIDBELT
A type of trip that you might need to submit expense reports for BUSINESS
Gun runners who sell weapons in bulk often illicitly ARMSDEALER
Event where the latest in clothing styles are presented FASHIONSHOW
Sports spectators sit in these BLEACHERS
The ________ famously dirty joke that was the subject of a 2005 ARISTOCRATS
Insects that live underground for 17 years has a distinctive sound CICADA
Conventional rules for polite behavior ETIQUETTE
A device that keeps bird eggs in the right conditions to hatch INCUBATOR
To strike back in reaction to an attack tit for tat to get revenge RETALIATE
Device used to heat up meals MICROWAVE
The _____ _____ Project 1999 found-footage horror film BLAIRWITCH
What is this word? DEDUCE
Purple somewhat triangular mascot for McDonalds GRIMACE
A land beast of biblical proportions BEHEMOTH
What is this style of tournament? ROUNDROBIN
Brown confectionery made from heated sugar CARAMEL
What insect is this? GRASSHOPPER
Alternative medicine procedure where one is poked with needles ACUPUNCTURE
Words of praise or admiration COMPLIMENT
Black cloaked personification of death GRIMREAPER
Large ring that is spun around the hips for exercise HULAHOOP
The sound a clock makes TICKTOCK
The second-in-command on a vessel FIRSTMATE
A period where workers rush to meet deadlines CRUNCHTIME
People affected by this condition have trouble sleeping INSOMNIA
Essential part of a computer that executes instructions PROCESSOR
What is this type of story? TALLTALE
Phrase water cooler conversation SMALLTALK
______ Monroe US actress singer and model Happy Birthday Mr. MARILYN
Holiday celebrated the day after Christmas in the UK and parts of BOXINGDAY
The nut of oaks a stereotypical food for squirrels ACORN
What flying toy is this? KITE
Elephants tusks are made of this material IVORY
School of thought that argues for the pursuit of pleasure above all HEDONISM
Lightweight silvery metal used in many items such as soda cans ALUMINUM
What is missing in the second image? BELLS
Substances that can activate an immune response ANTIGEN
Mechanical creations designed to fulfill complex directives ROBOT
The person who wrote a book or other written work is credited as AUTHOR
It’s said to be bad luck if this animal crosses your path BLACKCAT
Invalid or faulty reasoning FALLACY
Half organic half machine CYBORG
Outlaws would use this to cover their face BANDANA
This monument is found in this US state (arch) MISSOURI
Little stars are known to do this to our wonderment TWINKLE
Dusty and abandoned spider home COBWEB
What word does this represent? COMING SOON
Often amusing failed attempts filming a scene OUTTAKES
When a company runs out of money they may need to declare this BANKRUPTCY
Words to a song LYRICS
It’s not over until the ___ _____ sings FATLADY
The boom that comes after lightning strikes THUNDER
The ability to lead a group or organization LEADERSHIP
Execution device that removes one’s head from their shoulders GUILLOTINE
Baby who has started to walk TODDLER
Purple birthstone for February AMETHYST
Medieval projectile weapon that fires bolts CROSSBOW
Mechanical stairs that help people maneuver between mall floors ESCALATOR
Isaac _____ science fiction writer who made the 3 Laws of Robotics ASIMOV
Returning a book late to the library might incur these LATEFEES
What theatrical term is this? CURTAINCALL
The ability to understand how others feel EMPATHY
Iron Chef is this type of competition COOKING
To learn something by heart MEMORIZE
What sanctified liquid does this represent? HOLYWATER
Something put on a pet to keep away tiny pests FLEACOLLAR
South Korea’s national sport and martial art TAEKWONDO
When no more members of a species exist it is said to be this EXTINCT
Icy sculpture often adorned with a hat and carrot nose SNOWMAN
Large species of shark popularized as a man-killer by the movie Jaws GREATWHITE
Footrace that is 26.2 miles long MARATHON
Long-tailed crustacean which is a common sight at seafood restaurants LOBSTER
What kind of performer is this? BREAKDANCER
Where logs are processed into usable shapes LUMBERMILL
A monarch does this to formally relinquish their authority ABDICATE
Amusement where teams try to score hits using light emitting guns LASERTAG
Under this trance-like state a person is more open to suggestions HYPNOSIS
Another company targeting the same industry and audience as you is COMPETITOR
Needed to get onto a plane BOARDINGPASS
Available in paper or plastic GROCERYBAGS
Expression a way to start a conversation ICEBREAKER
Expression doing something hastily AMILEAMINUTE
Annual festival for independent film makers held in Utah SUNDANCE
Your dentist may need to fix these if you don’t brush your teeth CAVITIES
A yearly celebration of an event such as a wedding or business opening ANNIVERSARY
Expression a weak point derived from Greek mythology ACHILLESHEEL
Economic term for a scenario where one’s gain is equal to another’s ZEROSUMGAME
A digital version of a text which is read aloud for the listener AUDIOBOOK
Psychologists may ask you to tell them what you can see from these INKBLOTS
When a disease spreads out of control EPIDEMIC
Can be measured in F C and K TEMPERATURE
What type of weapon is this? BOOMERANG
The English alphabet has 21 of these CONSONANTS
What type of laboratory equipment is this? ATOMSMASHER
Name for beautification products COSMETICS
A great joke can leave you __ _______ INSTITCHES
Starting ____ _______ is to restart from the beginning FROMSCRATCH
The pen is _______ than the sword MIGHTIER
Expression meaning someone is realistic DOWNTOEARTH
A working situation where one has no chance of moving upward DEADENDJOB
A restaurant’s listing of dishes aimed at children KIDSMENU
A feeling of wanting to return to where you grew up HOMESICK
What kind of gardening structure are they building? GREENHOUSE
Weapon used by Jedi in Star Wars LIGHTSABER
A Christmas tradition is for lovers to kiss under this plant MISTLETOE
Obsolete technical drawings used by architects named for their azure BLUEPRINT
Condition that affects the body’s ability to use insulin DIABETES
Large snake species found in South America gives prey a deadly squeeze ANACONDA
Programming language used on the web JAVASCRIPT
Equipment used to protect one’s head HELMET
M.C. ____ famous for this art style ESCHER
Comic strip by Jim Davis about an pudgy orange cat GARFIELD
A loan taken out to purchase a home MORTGAGE
Sudden burst of energy after being exhausted SECONDWIND
Where both the Minotaur and David Bowie have been LABYRINTH
This place is very important to Superman DAILYPLANET
White yellow and orange-striped triangular candy resemble kernels CANDYCORN
Where the pilot controls an aircraft COCKPIT
A way to use currency to decide yes or no COINFLIP
During rush hour commuters will often get stuck in this TRAFFIC
What is missing from the second picture? WATERMELON
Lizard that can change its color to match its surroundings CHAMELEON
Holy ______ a fishy expression of surprise MACKEREL
What is this medieval weapon COMING SOON
Safety feature installed in public spaces to protect against falls GUARDRAIL
Something that is passed on genetically from parent to child is this HEREDITY
Pedals used in a car to slow down or stop BRAKES
Short writing or poem that may appear on a gravestone EPITAPH
Elongated mouth part that butterflies use to drink nectar PROBOSCIS
What is this animal? (A picture of a pig underground) GROUNDHOG
Animals do this to save energy during the winter HIBERNATE
Everyone wants a clean one of these BILLOFHEALTH
Negatively charged particle ELECTRON
A type of club used by law enforcement NIGHTSTICK
A student who is highly favored by the educator TEACHERSPET
Can’t make one of these without breaking a few eggs OMELETTE
A reduction of an employee’s rank or job title DEMOTION
Type of working schedule that gives some control over work hours FLEXTIME
Name for Pyrite due to its resemblance to a valuable yellow substance FOOLSGOLD
What aerial sport does this represent? SKYDIVING
A conflict fought between combatants from the same country CIVILWAR
The Hunchback of Notre Dame QUASIMODO
The food or drink of the gods according to Greek mythology AMBROSIA
Armor made up of many interlocking metal rings CHAINMAIL
Construction vehicle that pushes dirt or rubble out of the way BULLDOZER
A baby’s personal ride STROLLER
Saying something is a bunch of this meat means it’s nonsense BALONEY
A warrior whose only allegiance is money MERCENARY
Abrasive sheets used to smooth out wood SANDPAPER
Healthy green fruit with a giant seed used to make guacamole AVOCADO
A short stout and hairy race in fantasy settings DWARVES
A spirit in Irish mythology known for its piercing wails BANSHEE
The final part of a movie usually CREDITS
Original Science Guy now Science Communicator wears an iconic BILLNYE
Johnny _____ US legend famous for spreading a particular fruit APPLESEED
A round home for aquatic pets FISHBOWL
A professional who ejects unruly customers esp. from a bar or club BOUNCER
To burn a wound as a way to stop the bleeding CAUTERIZE
A professional who prepares and serves coffee BARISTA
Opiate which is commonly prescribed to control pain MORPHINE
Percussive intro to an announcement ___ ___ please DRUMROLL
Browser app used to prevent pop-ups from appearing ADBLOCKER
Hitting the center of the dartboard is called this BULLSEYE
Future forecast based on astrological sign HOROSCOPE
A sheet of paper used to cast a vote BALLOT
Fallacy where a person’s character is attacked instead of their argument ADHOMINEM
A person walking on the street has the right of way at marked crosswalks PEDESTRIAN
Surprise attack by concealed attackers AMBUSH
_____ Spears US singer with major hits like Baby One More Time BRITNEY
Underground fortification that defends against bombs and other attacks BUNKER
The nightmarish Freddy Krueger took his victims from this road ELMSTREET
A revolt on a ship MUTINY
Phrase type of headquarters HOMEBASE
1986 movie starring Christopher Lambert where there can only be HIGHLANDER
Product price reduction DISCOUNT
Imprisoned princess who lets down her hair RAPUNZEL
A perfume marketed at men originated in a German city of the same COLOGNE
Test of strength where two teams pull on opposing sides of a rope TUGOFWAR
Tiny blood cells that clump together to form blood clots PLATELETS
Natural or artificial substances that improve plant growth FERTILIZER
What is this musical instrument? DIDGERIDOO
Heavy rectangular knives used by butchers CLEAVER
A live performance by a musician CONCERT
Electric pokemon known the world over a detective in the 2019 movie PIKACHU
The sound a turkey makes GOBBLE
A high-quality product and a cost to get such a product are called PREMIUM
Safety device in cars that inflate in the event of a crash AIRBAG
Author of children’s books such as Green Eggs and Ham and Hop DRSEUSS
Metaphorically behaviors that indicate a future problem REDFLAG
Underpants worn by babies DIAPERS
Losing this means that you’re not hungry anymore APPETITE
Popular brand of permanent markers made by Newell Brands SHARPIE
Kneading muscles to relieve tension MASSAGE
Card suit that resembles a digging tool SPADES
What instrument is this? BAGPIPE
You definitely want to avoid this part of a bee STINGER
The study of religion THEOLOGY
A machine used to soak and clean clothes WASHER
Climate that is hot and wet muggy HUMID
Communal gathering where everyone brings a dish POTLUCK
Rubber boots worn over other shoes to keep them from getting dirty GALOSHES
Tool used with a hammer to make carvings from wood stone or metal CHISEL
To interrupt someone while they are talking CUTOFF
A garden of fruit-producing trees and plants ORCHARD
Yellow cream filled snacks that supposedly stay fresh forever TWINKIE
Disney deer who endured great tragedy before reaching his happy ending BAMBI
______ Flowers the girl who Scott Pilgrim defeats 7 ex’s to court RAMONA
Covering for a sword or other bladed weapon SHEATH
Jupiter has 79 of these including Io and Europa MOONS
Something against the law is this ILLEGAL
Harry ______ a legendary escape artist and illusionist HOUDINI
US stock market index that tracks 30 companies DOWJONES
The most expensive property in Monopoly BOARDWALK
Mathematical operation that takes a number away from another number SUBTRACT
What food item does this represent? COCOA
Fuel used to drive a car GASOLINE
Symbol of a martial arts master BLACKBELT
British sitcom starring an almost mute buffoon played by Rowan Atkinson MRBEAN
Post-story text or scenes that explain what happens after the conclusion EPILOGUE
A secretive operative tasked with killing a target ASSASSIN
Something not done on purpose when two vehicles collide ACCIDENT
US writer of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles RAYBRADBURY
A thing out of place for the time period ex: a computer with dinosaurs ANACHRONISM
Place that processes hides into leather TANNERY
Sci-fi vehicle used to abandon ship ESCAPEPOD
Expression a little known competitor who unexpectedly does well DARKHORSE
Headache that may happen after a long night of drinking HANGOVER
What technology does this represent? BLUETOOTH
To transform from a liquid to a gas EVAPORATE
A particularly poisonous spider noted for the hourglass on its abdomen BLACKWIDOW
Where soliders bunk up BARRACKS
Criminal who illegally sets fires ARSONIST
What word this represent? KNUCKLEHEAD
Something used to lure in or distract from a different threat DECOY
In the US this graduation cap part is moved from the right to the TASSEL
A digital letter with an attachment sometimes EMAIL
Gambling game where players buy numbered tickets for a chance to LOTTERY
Pyrotechnics used to signal for help FLARES
After a coupon does this you can no longer use it EXPIRES
The friendliest cartoon ghost CASPER
What bird does this represent? BLUEJAY
Basin or pool filled with colorful spheres usually for children BALLPIT
Electronic home appliance used to liquefy fruits and vegetables BLENDER
______ Prime the leader of the Autobots in Transformers OPTIMUS
Fear of heights ACROPHOBIA
The key part of a joke PUNCHLINE
People may dress up in these on Halloween COSTUMES
No two of these icy crystals are exactly the same SNOWFLAKES
The national bird of the United States BALDEAGLE
What logging action does this represent? DEFOREST
Place where rubbish is buried LANDFILL
A biographical film such as Man on the Moon for Andy Kaufman BIOPIC
A person who borrows money out at very high interest rates LOANSHARK
When a decision cannot be reached in court HUNGJURY
Decorative cover for a vehicle’s wheels HUBCAP
A type of lollipop that has gum inside BLOWPOP
An object’s ability to float or rise when submerged BUOYANCY
Someone who holds a patent INVENTOR
What 1958 pop band does this represent? BEEGEES
Mythical winged horse PEGASUS
People who agrees with everything without criticism especially from YESMEN
Birds of a _______ flock together FEATHER
In the US dial ‘0’ to speak with this professional OPERATOR
A person who doesn’t have any siblings is this ONLYCHILD
Protective gear worn over the face to prevent breathing in poisons GASMASK
Style of penmanship where letters are connected also called Script CURSIVE
What does this represent? CHECKBOOK
A ______ Test is used to determine if a solution is acidic or basic LITMUS
Type of sandal with a Y-shaped strap FLIPFLOPS
A student who doesn’t show up to class is marked as this ABSENT
A professional who examines teeth DENTIST
A person who goes into space ASTRONAUT
Conan the __________ fictional hero portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger BARBARIAN
A short rest to light a cigarette SMOKEBREAK
What list symbol does this represent? BULLETPOINT
Buying and selling commodities in different markets to take advantage ARBITRAGE
One of the co-creators of Dungeons and Dragons GARYGYGAX
Emergency box that contains medical supplies FIRSTAIDKIT
Things that are on a ____ __ ____ basis are restricted information NEEDTOKNOW
Strong feeling of hatred or dislike ANIMOSITY
Life period when one has completed their working life RETIREMENT
What kind of company does this represent? AIRLINE
Symbolized by a ‘C’ in a circle COPYRIGHT
Physical attack using your cranium HEADBUTT
The highest possible rank for a sumo wrestler YOKOZUNA
Chemical used to disinfect swimming pools CHLORINE
Device used to slow one’s descent a lifesaver when going skydiving! PARACHUTE
Members of the military SOLDIERS
Party game where players act out words for others to guess CHARADES
Coin-operated public music player JUKEBOX
Famous coffee brand with a mermaid mascot STARBUCKS
Piece of plastic that lets you borrow money to make a purchase CREDITCARD
Powder supplement used by gym-goers to improve performance CREATINE
Will Smith as Agent J joined this secretive organization alongside MENINBLACK
Usually short movie scene that details past events FLASHBACK
Portable machine that could play audio discs CDPLAYER
Communication method that uses dots and dashes SOS MORSECODE
Portable fire starter LIGHTER
Meaning word for word VERBATIM
1981 US metal band with hits like Fade to Black and Nothing Else METALLICA
What superhero is this? IRONMAN
Printed way to read about worldly happenings NEWSPAPER
A cord that connects mother to baby UMBILICAL
Home for tunnerl-building insect pets ANTFARM
Paper proof of graduation DIPLOMA
A device that records the number of steps you have taken PEDOMETER
Greek mathematician often considered the Founder of Geometry EUCLID
What kind of bird is this? PARAKEETS
Knightly code CHIVALRY
In mythology this lunar phase causes a werewolf’s transformation FULLMOON
The ship commanded by Captain Nemo in 20000 Leagues Under the Sea NAUTILUS
The ______’s Tale 2017 dystopian drama based on the novel by Margaret HANDMAID
A type of course where objects are put in your way OBSTACLE
Horses have four of these special feet HOOVES
Technology that connected the world INTERNET
Professor _________ the arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes MORIARTY
What chilly phenomenon does this represent? COLDSNAP

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