Skip school is an interesting and funny game where the objective is obviously to skip school. But just like in real life, it’s not that easy. A teacher is after students who skip classes, therefore achieving it successfully becomes a real challenge. Along your path to “success”, you’ll encounter lots of mysteries and puzzles to solve. Also, the teacher is after you and you need to hide from time to time. Playing is easy; just tap on what catches your interest and use it for your needs. Below you can find the answers to all the stages of the game.

Stage 1
-Hide behind the statue.

Stage 2
-Take the shirt from the ground, wear it, and join the team.

Stage 3
-Go to the garage, open it up, and take the shovel. Then, take the carpet. Go right and dig a hole. Finally, cover the hole with the carpet.

Stage 4
-Take the bananas from the trash can and give it to the boy who is being drawn. Once he leaves. Take the chair and stay where he was staying.

Stage 5
-Grab the buckets and then go to the man who’s holding two buckets. Take his wig and buckets and wear them.

Stage 6
-Get the hat and the stick in order to imitate a scarecrow.

Stage 7
-Turn on the tap. Then go right and lay on the bench.

Stage 8
-Take the skeleton and replace it.

Stage 9
-Get the clothes of the guy who is doing pull-ups and then give it to him. He will cover you.

Stage 10
-Go to the piano and enter inside of it.

Stage 11
-Take the pink flag down and hide behind it.

Stage 12
-Grab the book from the professor and give it to the boys playing table tennis. Use the table to hide.

Stage 13
-Take the wig from the shelf and go right. Place it at where the mirror is. Go left and go right again.

Stage 14
-Pick up the food and the hurdle. Give the food to the two boys and take the banana peel. On the right, place the hurdle, and the banana peel.

Stage 15
-Take the paper inside the cabinet and act as a picture.

Stage 16
-Inside the toilets, take the hose and the water container. Fill it with water and leave it. Then use the hose to escape from the window.

Stage 17
-Grab the two potions from the table and mix them in the chemical glass. It will smoke.

Stage 18
-Grab the two kittens and place them inside the box on the left. Then press the red button.

Stage 19
-Grab the wooden container and the introvert. Go to the bed, replace it with the wooden container and place the introvert inside.

Stage 20
-Using the red paint and the chalk, act like you’re dead on the ground.

Stage 21
-Help the two boys pull out the vegetable from the ground. Pick it up and use it throw it to the kids playground so you can fly.

Stage 22
-Get the belts from the two boys that are peeing and use them to escape from the window.

Stage 23
-Go right-left-right-left and you’ll find the crying kid. Give him the coupon.

Stage 24
-Grab the box and hide inside of it. Next, use the box to act like a homeless guy. Finally, get two light sticks from the trash can and use them to dance.

Stage 25
-Hide at the basketballs.

Stage 26
-Take the ruler and place it over the table to the left.

Stage 27
-Grab the shovel, open a hole. Enter inside and cover your head with the traffic cone.

Stage 28
-Get the remote and use it to turn on the fan.

Stage 29
-Change the direction of the fan. Take his clothes and act like a player.

Stage 30
-Take the book from the cabinet and the yellow book from the shelf. Place them at the shelf on the right.

Stage 31
-Grab the banana from the trash bin and give some to the players and to the referee. Then act like a referee.

Stage 32
-Pick up the shovel. Raise the flag and grab the handlebar. Go to the hole on the left. Dig and find the remaining part of the bike. Place the missing parts on the bike and take a ride.

Stage 33
-Open the door and pick up the pom-poms. Next, open the cabinet and pick up the cheerleader clothes. Be a cheerleader.

Stage 34
-Grab the bag and stay next to the two boys.

Stage 35
-Take the scissors and use them to cut the face of the boy in the picture. Wear the face and go to the girls.

Stage 36
-Grab the ramen from the shelf and give it to the director. Then go to the right and hide inside the white container.

Stage 37
-Grab the shovel, the bucket, and the green tube. Fill the bucket with water and pour it to the hole. Then go inside.

Stage 38
-Use the coupon to get a sandwich and give it to the shirtless guy. Take his wig and act as a seller.

Stage 39
-Take the black wig from the mannequin and place it over the bald one’s head.

Stage 40
-Take the skeleton and place it on the bed.

Stage 41
-Get the dirty socks from the trash can and place them over the fan.

Stage 42
-Take the white cloth from the skeleton’s head and then go to the cabinet. Open it up and get the clothes. Wear them all.

Stage 43
-Get the coupon and insert it in the vending machine. Give the can to the Arabian guy and he will you some money. Get another drink with that money and give the second can to the person who’s blocking the door.

Stage 44
-Get the food from the shelf and give it to the shirtless person. Take his hat and fly.

Stage 45
-Open the garage, take the water bottle, and give it to the bear. Go back to the garage, take the bear costume, and replace him.

Stage 46
-Take the girls’ magazine and give it to the professor. Then take the costume and act as a sword fighter.

Stage 47
-Find the battery and insert it into the camera. Open the cabinet, get the sunglasses, and record.

Stage 48
-Open up the cabinets. Find the bug and place it inside the fourth cabinet form left.

Stage 49
-Get the gold from the boxes. Open up the cabinet, exchange the gold for a smoke bomb and use it.

Stage 50
-Take the carrot and the potato and put them inside the kettle. Get the soup and place it on the table.

Stage 51
-Take the white helmet form the box and act as an egg.

Stage 52
-There’s a seed inside the garage. Take it, plant it and water it.

Stage 53
-Open up the boxes to find a rope. Use it on the curtain, tap the button and hide.

Stage 54
-Get inside the cabinet. Take the dancing stuff from the trash can and dance.

Stage 55
-Grab the camera from the boy and act as a photograph.

Stage 56
-Go to the right, get the chair and place it to the left. Sit.

Stage 57
-Grab the banana, sword and shuriken. Place them on the three podiums and escape.

Stage 58
-Get the paper, give it to the girl and let her draw you. Get your painting and place it over the director’s head.

Stage 59
-Get the microphone and give it to the girl. Then go and play chess.

Stage 60
-Grab the red paint and act as a tomato.

Stage 61
-Get one of the weights and hit the soccer player to get his shirt. Wear it.

Stage 62
-Get the banana from the trash bin, give it to the referee and then act like him.

Stage 63
-Grab the coupon and insert it into the vending machine. Give the soda to a player and take his clother and act like him.

Stage 64
-Wear the cloth and pull the rope. Once you win, go to the opposite team and act tired.

Stage 65
-Get the tubes to form stairs. Then climb to the balls.

Stage 66
-Get the shovel and yellow paint. Dig next to the awards and stand there as a golden statue.

Stage 67
-Get the bananas from the trash can. Give it to the director, take the peeling and throw it to the guy who’s holding the boxes. Go again to the director and place all the boxes vertically to hide.

Stage 68
-Grab the apple and then the coin. Use the coin to buy banana. And open the box to find dorian. Give the fruits to them.

Stage 69
-Grab the box and hit one of the players. Take his clothes and replace him.

Stage 70
-Catch the snake with the object inside the box and then place the snake inside the box.

Stage 71
-Give the magazine to the boy. And get the green container from the robot. Place it on the rocket and fly.

Stage 72
-Place the pitchfork on the ground.

Stage 73
-Go to the computer and then stand at the box.

Stage 74
-Take the picture from the girl’s hand and place it to the notification board.

Stage 75
-Get the banana from the trash can and give it to one of the fighters. Then go back to the cabinet and wear the clothes.

Stage 76
-Get the remote, turn on the fan and grab the tomatoes. Give the tomato to the boy and the place the other one on the teacher’s head.

Stage 77
-Get the costume and the bread. And wear them..

Stage 78
-Get the tool from the garage and the red object. Get the handlebar from the bike and use it to jump.

Stage 79
-Use the vacuum cleaner to get the wig from the teacher and use it as a trap.

Stage 80
-Get the wig and clothes from the mannequin and act as a character in the picture.

Stage 81
-Grab the key and use it to open the drawer and get the bandage. Then go inside the coffin.

Stage 82
-Pick up the hot sauce and pour it over the man’s back and hide under the umbrella.

Stage 83
-Get the food and the green gel under the table. Place them on the table to the right.

Stage 84
-Pick up the colored cards and give it to the boys. Get the scissors and the cloth. Act as a barber.

Stage 85
-Grab the bow and arrow, and act as a musician.

Stage 86
-Get the clothes from the biker and act as a power ranger.

Stage 87
-Grab the needle and throw it to the boy with the balloons. Then take all of his balloons.

Stage 88
-Grab the cardboard and the scissors and act as a tree.

Stage 89
-From the trash cans, take the bananas and the sticks. Then give the guitar to the lonely guy and be a drummer.

Stage 90
-Grab the bow, the lighter and the arrow. Shoot at the woods and join the dance.

Stage 91
-Open the garage. Take the electric box and the wires and place them on water.

Stage 92
-Take the coin, buy some chicken and give it to the boy at the corner. Then, act as a referee.

Stage 93
-Pick up the snowball and replace the snowman’s head with it. Then, hide after it.

Stage 94
-Grab the rope and all the lamps. Then place the christmas lights on the tree and hide.

Stage 95
-Open up the cabinets. Grab the shirt and the trimmer. Cut the professor’s beard to get it. Wear clothes and be Santa.

Stage 96
-Get the axe and cut the tree. Grab the lighter and make some fire inside the igloo.

Stage 97
-Place the chest on the carriage and act as a worker.

Stage 98
-Pick up the cloth and the hair dryer. Dry the director’s head and go get the wig. Wear the clothes and go up on stage.

Stage 99
-Pick up the coin and buy a drink from the vending machine. Give the drink to the shirtless person and you’ll get a mic. Give the mic to the guy next to the vending machine. Next, grab the banana and give it to the guy next to the luggage. Get a slingshot from the luggage and shoot at the teacher.

Stage 100
-Get the game console from the boys and hand it to the sad teacher.


For a visual representation of the solutions, you can refer to this video: