Hello Friends. If you are a regular word game player you must have played Wordington by Qiiwi Games AB in which you need to solve levels to earn stars and decorate an abandoned house. Today we are presenting you with answers for Coronation Street game produced by the same developers. Stay tuned because we will add new answers each day until we solve them all.

Coronation Street Answers

Clean the Front Level 1:  TEN-NET

Fix the living room Level 2: BITE-BIT-BET – WAGE-AGE

Change the wallpaper Level 3: TEAM-MATE-MEAT – GLOW-LOW-OWL

Replace the armchair Level 4: PLAY-PAY-LAP – HOUSE-SHOE-USE-HOSE – TON-TOP

Get a new lamp Level 5: TURN-RUN-NUT – STAY-SAY-SAT

Get a new dinner table Level 6: PALE-APPLE-LEAP – PART-TRAP-ART – CAMP-CAP-MAP

Get new chairs Level 7: NAME-MEN-MAN – RASH-ASH

Get a new rug Level 8: COIN-ICON-LION – BLANK-BANK

Decorate the table Level 9: BEST-BET-SET – FACT-CAT-FAT

Fix the fireplace Level 10: ROBOT-ROOT-BOOT – CART-RAT-CAR – COAT-ACTOR-CAT

New levels coming soon…