The developers of Brain Test game have released a new challenge named Weekly in which you have to solve 10 weeks in total. Our guide will be quite helpful and we will share all the solutions in one page so you can find easier what you are looking for.

Brain Test Weekly Challenge Answers

Level: Week 1

Question: The rabbit must collect all of the gold coins

Solution: Place the carrot on top of the gold coins so the rabbit collects them.

Level: Week 2

Question: How can this be correct?

Solution: Make the first number six bigger like the image below.

Level: Week 3

Question: No jumping this time, Tom.

Solution: Move the box behind the cat then move the cat to the cannon and finally combine the black clouds to make a spark.

Level: Week 4

Question: This clown is cheating again, prove.

Solution: Remove the table to win this level.

Level: Week 5

Question: He has more ghosts to catch.

Solution: Move the container up to catch the ghost when the ghost reaches the box then tap.

Level: Week 6

Question: What is the correct answer.

Solution: Tap the word What in the instruction.

Level: Week 7


Solution: Type them by this order X+✓+✓+X+✓.

Level: Week 8

Question: Find me the heaviest chicken.

Solution: Move them one by one to the bench till the heaviest chicken breaks it.

Level: Week 9

Question: Find his true love.

Solution: Drag the boy’s sunglasses, wrist watch and wallet to the bin.

Level: Week 10

Question: What is the answer?

Solution: The correct answer is 15.